Våra Fotografer
Hos Kolla kan du välja bland konst från fler än 100 fotografer, såväl lokala som internationella.

Cedric Lindman

Cedric focuses on capturing photos that you can feel the mood of the scene.

Charlene Winfred

Born in Singapore, Charlene is currently living and working in Iraq, as a photographer and videographer for an NGO.

Christian Wiedel

Christian loves colourful images with simple compositions. He has a fondness for the ocean and photographing along the Swedish coastline.

Cole Roberts

Cole is a Canadian photographer living in Sweden.

Daniel Cousins

Daniel is a graphic designer originally from the UK and now living, working, street wandering and skateboarding in Stockholm.

Daniel Hedquist

Daniel is a photographer and art director based in Stockholm. His passion is trying to get a unique perspective and mood in his pictures.

Daniel McCarthy

Daniel enjoys shooting those locations that no-one else does, finding those hidden gems in some suburb, if you will. Or, at least he tries to.

Daniel Nyström

With a distinct style and creativity Daniel Nyström wants to capture the essence of his objects.

David Österman

David sneaks around on the streets of Gothenburg, always with camera in hand.

David Thomsson

David Thomsson has been photographing Stockholm since he was 15 years old. His goal is to always capture Stockholm in unique ways.

Dmitry Dzhigaev

Dmitry got into photography in 2008 and is since then obsessed with creating images of our world at every possible scale.

Edvin Bergh

Edvin is a blend of a perfectionist and a scatterbrain. He aims to enable people to read deeper into subjects otherwise often looked past. 

Elin Lawergren

Elin has been carrying a camera around ever since she was a child, trying to capture the perfect light.

Elina Nomad

When Elina moved to Sweden she hitchhiked around until settling down in Skåne. Elina is now exploring her new surroundings in Värmdö.

Emiliano Verrocchio

Erik Nilsson

Erik is a self thought photographer with a passion for street photography.

Erik Sutton

Erik is Danish Technical Artist. When he's not coding, he's out applying his technical understanding of composition and color to photography.


Eva Garmendia

Fatih Soydemir

Fatih is a software developer who moved to Stockholm recently. Still trying to explore the city with his camera.

Felix Berg

Felix Berg is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist who creates photos, conceptual outdoor works consisting of still life, meta symbols and...