Våra Fotografer
Hos Kolla kan du välja bland konst från fler än 100 fotografer, såväl lokala som internationella.


Henric Nilsson


Henrik Antin

Henrik Viklund

Henrik is a visual artist and photographer based in Stockholm.

Ingela Ulmestedt

Ingela is a freelance photographer who immortalizes everything that inspires and tries to document the feeling in the photo moment.

Isak Gabre

Isak is constantly looking for aerial patterns and unexpected beauty in city environments. The simplest thing on the ground makes out a...

Ísak Guðnason

Ísak is a student doing photography in his spare time. Taking pictures on the street has become his favourite discipline.

Jack Kelsall

Jack's camera goes everywhere he goes, seeking out the unconventional, avoiding the less obvious and capturing intriguing details.

Jacob Schieber

Born and raised in Stockholm, Jacob likes to capture his home city both with his camera and with his drone. 

Jakob Granqvist

A big fan of straight lines, symmetry and minimalism, Wes Anderson is Jakob's ultimate hero when it comes to style and vision.


Janice Yi

Jann Lipka

Jann loves the diversity in his work. He splits his time between commercial and artistic photography.

Jean Lapin

Jean is a self-taught photographer from Stockholm, currently living on the other coast of Sweden in Gothenburg.

Jenny Hammar

Jenny is a Swedish-American professional photographer who has been worshipping beautiful light and photography for about 20 years.

Jiaming Huang

Jiaming keeps exploring the beauty of the world, delivering the undiscovered aspect of nature and city by his unique composition and tone.


Jimmy Gustafsson

Joakim Barkman

Hobby photographer based in Huddinge south of Stockholm. Self-taught in the early 00's with an analog SLR.

Joakim Goksör

Joakim Goksör is a Gothenburger in exile based in Stockholm. News reporter by profession who really enjoys long walks with a camera, day or...

Joakim Myrenius

Always in search of new enviroments. Trying to find a creative touch in every photo. A person with big goals that like to push boundries.

Joakim Thornéus

Since moving to Stockholm 15 years ago, Joakim has been a enthusiastic city photographer. To capture the city at night is his main passion.