Våra Fotografer
Hos Kolla kan du välja bland konst från fler än 100 fotografer, såväl lokala som internationella.


Johan Bernes

Johan Moeschlin

Johan lives in the middle of Stockholm and loves every opportunity to capture a spectacular scenery.

Johan Smedja

Hailing from Värmland, Stockholm based Johan Smedja has a diversely creative background in graffiti, DJing and music production.

Johannes Alm

Johannes Alm is a trained architect and photographer originally from Skåne.

John Guthed

For John, it is all pure bliss. The looks on peoples faces when they see themselves in a picture and feel good about themselves. Unbeatable.

John Wästerlund

John first strapped a somewhat serious camera to his hand on a trip to Japan. He took too many pictures but found an artistic outlet.

Jonas Förare

Former researcher in Biology who works as a science communicator and photographer.

Jonas Jacobsson

With curiosity and creativity at heart, award-winning photographer Jonas Jacobsson uses the camera as a storytelling medium. 

Jorge Maia

Jorge Maia is a landscape, travel and fine art photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Jose Andrade


Jose is a hobby photographer that likes to see life through his photographs, and he hopes everyone else does too.


Josefine Gehlin

Josh Feron

Josh enjoys documenting his trips through photographs. Travel gives him the opportunity to further progress as a photographer.

Joshua Nuanes

Traveller at heart with a camera in hand. Always planning the next trip but with a deep love for his hometown, Stockholm.


Julien Pröpper

Kaisa Koistinen

Kaisa lives in Nacka, but origins from Finland. She left it in 2020 to go full-time photography.

Karin Hasselström

Photography is all about time and presence, to get close and to just be there in that moment. 


Karl Hedin


Karolin Nordström

Kasper Kengården

Kasper likes to photograph things that aren't obvious, and his passion stems from feelings and a true reality.


Katie Driscoll