Felix Berg

Felix Berg is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist who creates photos, conceptual outdoor works consisting of still life, meta symbols and installations. Berg has made a commitment within his work by consistently creating lifestyle-oriented images as a distraction questioning city life, happiness, loneliness, while focusing on sociological concerns such as urban decay, greed, mass media, structures. Anonymously creating obstructions, installations, stirring up normative societal patterns. Berg’s output includes objects and performance works, sculpture and photography, often capturing the ambiguity of Swedish society. Berg will use whatever means are necessary to communicate an idea, a vision or message. In 2017 Berg initiated the artcollective A+B, a collaboration with different artists and researchers creating several projects during 2018: an unsanctioned conference at the Modern Museum, Stockholm; performances by the BROAD, Los Angeles, MOCA, Los Angeles, Bonnier Konsthall, Stockholm and more. A+B s latest publication "Unnecessary Measures" (2018) pose questions on our beliefs and attititudes toward the art world. Using the body to explore cultural and spatial limits. A conceptual investigation of the physical and psychic self rather than seeing the artefact as a part of the contemporary art world. ”NAP, Nearly A Pyramid in the 21st century” (2018) adresses questions on the Idea of the Pyramid.

What is Kolla Limited Edition?

Kolla Limited Edition are carefully selected art photographs that come in limited number of copies. We’ve asked the best emerging and established photographers to submit their favourite photographs of Stockholm, and curated a collection from all corners of our beautiful capital.

These photographs are exclusively available at Kolla and come with Certificate of Authenticity. Once sold in the number of editions available, the art piece will not be for sale again. We update our selection of photography art regularly to secure a diverse and unique catalog.


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