Våra Fotografer
Varje Kolla-fotografi är noga utvalt av yrkesverksamma fotografer med många år i branschen, och med fler än 100 nya och etablerade fotografer finns en stor variation av genrer i vårt utbud.

Adam Filipson

A native from Stockholm, Adam constantly brings his camera around town trying to get that special shot.

Adrian Brorsson

Adrian finds interest in sceneries and details. Capturing them in photographs, he knows he can return to them later in life.

Alex Assal

Alex is a swedish photographer with origins from Egypt and Slovakia. He's known to capture Stockholm in his unique, artistic way.

Amanda Falkman

Frkn Amanda Falkman is a Gothenburg-based artist with a love for bad weather and everything that tells a story.

Anders Kustås

Anders began the journey in his late teens and photographs everything from corporate and advertising to fashion and headshots.


Andrea Singer

Andrew Campbell

Andrew, originally from Australia, is obsessed with composition and leading lines. He seeks to turn everyday scenes into interesting stories.

Angela Chong

Angela Chong is a motiongraphics designer residing in sunny Los Angeles. She enjoys photography and traveling to Sweden.

Anton Clausén

Anton works as subway traindriver. He's been photographing Stockholm since 2008.


Barry Chen

Ben Higgins

Ben is a photographer based in London, England. He travels across the globe capturing landscapes with a fresh perspective.

Carl Jansson

Fascinated by great surroundings and nature, Carl often takes a few steps back, zooms out to capture how small we all really are. 


Cedric Lindman

Charlene Winfred

Born in Singapore, Charlene is currently living and working in Iraq, as a photographer and videographer for an NGO.

Christian Wiedel

Christian loves colourful images with simple compositions. He has a fondness for the ocean and photographing along the Swedish coastline.

Cole Roberts

Cole is a Canadian photographer living in Sweden.

Daniel Cousins

Daniel is a graphic designer originally from the UK and now living, working, street wandering and skateboarding in Stockholm.

Daniel Hedquist

Daniel is a photographer and art director based in Stockholm. His passion is trying to get a unique perspective and mood in his pictures.

Daniel McCarthy

Daniel enjoys shooting those locations that no-one else does, finding those hidden gems in some suburb, if you will. Or, at least he tries to.


Daniel Nyström

David Österman

David sneaks around on the streets of Gothenburg, always with camera in hand.

David Thomsson

David Thomsson has been photographing Stockholm since he was 15 years old. His goal is to always capture Stockholm in unique ways.

Dmitry Dzhigaev

Dmitry got into photography in 2008 and is since then obsessed with creating images of our world at every possible scale.

Edvin Bergh

Edvin is a blend of a perfectionist and a scatterbrain. He aims to enable people to read deeper into subjects otherwise often looked past. 

Elin Lawergren

Elin has been carrying a camera around ever since she was a child, trying to capture the perfect light.

Elina Nomad

When Elina moved to Sweden she hitchhiked around until settling down in Skåne. Elina is now exploring her new surroundings in Värmdö.


Emiliano Verrocchio

Erik Nilsson

Erik is a self thought photographer with a passion for street photography.

Erik Sutton

Erik is Danish Technical Artist. When he's not coding, he's out applying his technical understanding of composition and color to photography.


Eva Garmendia

Felix Berg

Felix Berg is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist who creates photos, conceptual outdoor works consisting of still life, meta symbols and...

Filip Sandström

Stockholm-based photographer Filip's inspiration for photography comes from his great interest in cinema.

Fred Miller

Fred has studied Documentary Photography and now studies Photojournalism. He mostly shoots portraiture and anything in golden hour.


Fredrik Carlsson

Fredrik Ekbrand

Fredrik's passion for photography is driven by capturing interesting perspectives and moments of everyday life in Gothenburg and its...

Gabriel Modéus

Gabriel Modéus is a photographer based in Stockholm. He loves discovering new places with his camera, in Stockholm and elsewhere.

Gavin Swonnell

Gavin is a passionate, borderline obsessive photographer often waking up in the early hours to go out shooting before his full time job starts.


Giacomo Buzzao

At night, Giacomo turns into a writer and a photographer, his preferred meditation. In life, he chases magic, weather behind a lens, through his...

Gisela Nilsson

Gisela is a hobby photographer from Ängelholm. She is passionate about nature and loves a good sunrise/sunset. 

Gökberk Nur

Gökberk adores Södermalm by heart and taking photos mostly around there, often with his drone.

Gustav Tillas

Gustav bought his first digital camera at the age of 16 and has ever since then wanted to capture the world and what is has to offer through his...


Gustav Wikström

Håkan Garnefält

IT architect in the daytime, photographer at night and in snowy mornings. Loves to rediscover his hometown Stockholm through the camera lens.

Hamid Kashfi

After moving to Sweden in 2012, Hamid finally picked up photography as a serious hobby and started practicing and learning it since.

Hans Rabén



In the 80s, Hans spent his free time walking the streets with a Leica. In later years, he rediscovered photography through the...

Henri Leinonen

Henri Leinonen is an art teacher by profession and is passionate about travel, architecture and street photography. He loves to to visit new...


Henrik Viklund

Isak Gabre

Isak is constantly looking for aerial patterns and unexpected beauty in city environments. The simplest thing on the ground makes out a...

Ísak Guðnason

Ísak is a student doing photography in his spare time. Taking pictures on the street has become his favourite discipline.

Jack Kelsall

Jack's camera goes everywhere he goes, seeking out the unconventional, avoiding the less obvious and capturing intriguing details.


Jacob Schieber

Jakob Granqvist

A big fan of straight lines, symmetry and minimalism, Wes Anderson is Jakob's ultimate hero when it comes to style and vision.


Janice Yi


Jann Lipka


Jean Lapin

Joakim Barkman

Hobby photographer based in Huddinge south of Stockholm. Self-taught in the early 00's with an analog SLR.

Joakim Goksör

Joakim Goksör is a Gothenburger in exile based in Stockholm. News reporter by profession who really enjoys long walks with a camera, day or...

Joakim Myrenius

Always in search of new enviroments. Trying to find a creative touch in every photo. A person with big goals that like to push boundries.

Joakim Thornéus

Since moving to Stockholm 15 years ago, Joakim has been a enthusiastic city photographer. To capture the city at night is his main passion.

Johan Moeschlin

Johan lives in the middle of Stockholm and loves every opportunity to capture a spectacular scenery.

Johan Smedja

Hailing from Värmland, Stockholm based Johan Smedja has a diversely creative background in graffiti, DJing and music production.

Johan Tappert

Johan deliberately looks for human elements in public environments that create a friction between the photograph and the truth.

Johannes Alm

Johannes Alm is a trained architect and photographer originally from Skåne.

John Guthed

For John, it is all pure bliss. The looks on peoples faces when they see themselves in a picture and feel good about themselves. Unbeatable.

John Wästerlund

John first strapped a somewhat serious camera to his hand on a trip to Japan. He took too many pictures but found an artistic outlet.


Jonas Förare

Jonas Jacobsson

With curiosity and creativity at heart, award-winning photographer Jonas Jacobsson uses the camera as a storytelling medium. 


Jorge Maia

Jose Andrade


Jose is a hobby photographer that likes to see life through his photographs, and he hopes everyone else does too.

Josh Feron

Josh enjoys documenting his trips through photographs. Travel gives him the opportunity to further progress as a photographer.

Joshua Nuanes

Traveller at heart with a camera in hand. Always planning the next trip but with a deep love for his hometown, Stockholm.

Karin Hasselström

Photography is all about time and presence, to get close and to just be there in that moment. 

Kasper Kengården

Kasper likes to photograph things that aren't obvious, and his passion stems from feelings and a true reality.

Kim Sandberg

You will find Kim wandering Stockholm in the sunset or after the intrusion of darkness, carrying a tripod and a camera.

Knut Capra Pedersen

Knut's main focus is portraits, weddings and events but every now and then he brings his camera on one of his numerous walks.

Krister Back

Sold his toy train at the age of eleven and boght a camera instead. Has been an enthusiastic photographer ever since.


Lars Wasell

Lasse Lundberg

Lars' greatest inspiration is life itself, not affected, not directed. The ordinary things and views in an ordinary day is exciting enough.

Leif Hellerstedt

Leif is a photographer who likes patterns and lines in architcture and uban environments. Combinations where old meets new also excites him.

Levi Bergstedt

Levi Bergstedt is a lawyer by profession, photographer by passion, and a seeker/finder "by person".

Lewis Slade

Since 2017, Lewis Slade has used state of the art drone technology to help display stunning images of the world around us.

Lukas Lind

Lukas Lind is a street photographer based in Stockholm. Strong colors, minimalist compositions and contrast is significant for his work.

Mack Bitew

Painter, photographer and multimedia artist born in Ethiopia. He's showed his work in different outlets, mostly in Addis Ababa and Germany.


Magdalena Martin

Magnus Hammarberg

Magnus started doing photography in the early 2000s and the interest has grown ever since.


Marc Kenneth Harris

Marc Zetterblom

For Marc, photography is all about seeing and finding new ways to express his day-to-day observations.

Marcus Wesslen

Photographer, musician, fly fisher, and family man with roots in Halland on the west coast of Sweden.

Maria Broström

Maria is always looking for the beautiful in the ugly and loves meetings between people.

Marta Karcz

Marta loves to wander the streets with her camera with no destination in mind and see where the city lanes take her.

Martin Bohm

Martin lives for the rawness of the dark and the love of the light. He strives for imperfect perfection and dreamy visuals.

Martin Isaksson

Martin Isaksson is a photographer and graphic designer based in Stockholm, focusing mostly on abandoned places, urban landscapes and nature.

Martin Kiessling

Martin finds himself privileged to commission an increasing amount of work while pursuing personal photography projects.

Martin Westberg

Martin has a passion for Stockholm but also loves traveling and capturing big vistas.

Martynas Justinevicius

Martynas' work pushes the boundaries of what is achievable through digital media and reignites the imagination with unique perspectives.


Mathias Elmeskog

Mehdi Malek

Born in Tehran, Iran, now living in Stockholm, Mehdi loves to discover new worlds, colours, and shapes through the lens.

Milton Gan

Milton is a professional photographer, born and bred in London, who is now based in Sydney, Australia.


Moa Stefansdotter

Molle Olson

Molle is a swedish photographer who finds most of his inspiration on the streets.

Morgan Söderström

Through his passion for exploring new places, Morgan strives to capture the feeling of the moment, creating long-lasting memories.


Nadja Endler

Nathalie Constantin

Born in Toulouse, France and been living in Stockholm for more than 11 years, Nathalie loves walking in her new hometown and shooting daily.

Niklas Dierks

Stockholm based architect, eager to capture Sweden's capital through minimalistic yet strong visual compositions.

Nizar Pasalic

Nizar is quite restless in his art and likes to explore different styles and genres, never settling for the same. 

Noukka Signe

Guided by light and emotions, Noukka captures the stories in her mind.

Ola Ericson

Through years of dedication, Ola has created a number of iconic photographs of Stockholm; photos that have touched the hearts of many.