Kolla Photographers
The over 100 Kolla photographers are a diverse bunch and originate from all corners of the globe. From right here at home in Sweden to Canada to Italy to New Zealand, and many other countries.

Adam Filipson

A native from Stockholm, Adam constantly brings his camera around town trying to get that special shot.

Adam Lloyd

Adrian Brorsson

Adrian finds interest in sceneries and details. Capturing them in photographs, he knows he can return to them later in life.


Adrian Pastoriza

Alexander Assal

Alexander is a swedish photographer with origins from Egypt and Slovakia. He's known to capture Stockholm in his unique, artistic way.


Alexander Vik

Amanda Falkman

Frkn Amanda Falkman is a Gothenburg-based artist with a love for bad weather and everything that tells a story.

Anders Kustås

Anders began the journey in his late teens and photographs everything from corporate and advertising to fashion and headshots.

Andrea Singer

Andrea is an Austrian architect who loves capturing architecture and the interactions that happen within it.

Andrew Campbell

Andrew, originally from Australia, is obsessed with composition and leading lines. He seeks to turn everyday scenes into interesting stories.

Angela Chong

Angela Chong is a motiongraphics designer residing in sunny Los Angeles. She enjoys photography and traveling to Sweden.

Anneli von Cotzhausen Modin


Anton Brusing

Anton Clausén

Anton works as subway traindriver. He's been photographing Stockholm since 2008.

Barry Chen

Barry is deeply passionate about conveying emotions and telling stories through a mix of visual and audio cues.

Ben Higgins

Ben is a photographer based in London, England. He travels across the globe capturing landscapes with a fresh perspective.


Benny Skoglund


Bertil Stolt

Camilla Dellión

Camilla Dellión is a Swedish drone photographer and videographer. Her work is a tribute to Stockholm.

Carl Jansson

Fascinated by great surroundings and nature, Carl often takes a few steps back, zooms out to capture how small we all really are.