Våra Fotografer
Hos Kolla kan du välja bland konst från fler än 100 fotografer, såväl lokala som internationella.

Filip Sandström

Stockholm-based photographer Filip's inspiration for photography comes from his great interest in cinema.

Fred Miller

Fred has studied Documentary Photography and now studies Photojournalism. He mostly shoots portraiture and anything in golden hour.


Fredrik Axling

Fredrik Ekbrand

Fredrik's passion for photography is driven by capturing interesting perspectives and moments of everyday life in Gothenburg and its...


Fredrik Ohlander

Gabriel Modéus

Gabriel Modéus is a photographer based in Stockholm. He loves discovering new places with his camera, in Stockholm and elsewhere.

Gavin Swonnell

Gavin is a passionate, borderline obsessive photographer often waking up in the early hours to go out shooting before his full time job starts.


Giacomo Buzzao

At night, Giacomo turns into a writer and a photographer, his preferred meditation. In life, he chases magic, weather behind a lens, through his...

Gisela Nilsson

Gisela is a hobby photographer from Ängelholm. She is passionate about nature and loves a good sunrise/sunset. 

Gökberk Nur

Gökberk adores Södermalm by heart and taking photos mostly around there, often with his drone.

Göran Backman

Goran is a former Stockholmer who now resides in Åhus. He photographs mostly on film.


Gunnar Ljungqvist


Gustav Lorenz

Gustav Tillas

Gustav bought his first digital camera at the age of 16 and has ever since then wanted to capture the world and what is has to offer through his...

Gustav Wikström

Gustav Wikstrom is a young photographer from Stockholm who always brings his camera on adventures.

Håkan Garnefält

IT architect in the daytime, photographer at night and in snowy mornings. Loves to rediscover his hometown Stockholm through the camera lens.

Hamid Kashfi

After moving to Sweden in 2012, Hamid finally picked up photography as a serious hobby and started practicing and learning it since.

Hanna Karasalo

Born and raised in Stockholm, Hanna uses the camera as a means to see the city in a new light. Architect by day, photographer at all times.


Hans Rabén



In the 80s, Hans spent his free time walking the streets with a Leica. In later years, he rediscovered photography through the...

Henri Leinonen

Henri Leinonen is an art teacher by profession and is passionate about travel, architecture and street photography. He loves to to visit new...