Kolla International

Fine art photography from around the world
Posted on 18/05/2021

Stockholm, Sweden & International

Our international art collection Kolla International is now officially open.

We want to bring you the best photography art not only from your home, but from all the places around that world that you love.

As our catalogue grows, that doesn't mean we're slowing down on Stockholm and Sweden - quite the opposite.

Our focus on the local arts community will continue as we strive to bring you the best collection of photography art from Stockholm and Sweden.


Submit art

Kolla International is a significant step for Kolla. This literally opens a world of possibilities and we're so excited to see all the photography art that's yet to come.

We invite all photographers to submit art from near and far, whether it's from just outside your doorstep or from the opposite side of the globe.




Danish Cobblestone by Jonas Jacobsson