A Love Letter to Stockholm


Kolla was established in 2018. We exhibit and sell photography art from Stockholm by emerging and established artists.



Quality Matters

Highly tuned in to the worlds of photography and art after working as professional photographers for over 10 years, Cole Roberts and Jakob Granqvist had a stunning epiphany back in 2017 that something was missing in the art industry: affordable commercial art that still could boast supreme quality and originality. On a mission to fill this gap in the industry, the pair founded Kolla in 2018 with the intention to produce beautiful, limited-edition photographic art pieces that would be accessible to the average consumer and art connoisseur alike.

A Love Letter to Our City

Based in Stockholm, our heart for art here at Kolla has grown over time into a heart for supporting local artists and sharing the beauty of Stockholm with the world as well. As fellow art lovers and photographers, we feel strongly that there is such a need to support the local art and photography scenes. And since we believe our home city of Stockholm is the most beautiful city in the world, we feel a special calling to make sure that our artistic representations of Stockholm are the most beautiful ones offered.

Therefore, the quality and beauty of a Kolla art piece is truly unmatched. Printed on only the highest quality Hahnemüle paper using 12 color pigment printers, extreme lustre and longevity are eye-catchingly evident in every Kolla original. There is great pride to be had in Swedish makers and manufacturers, so each Kolla frame is handmade in Sweden using fine Swedish wood, and our passepartouts are individually made by hand with our unique tools. Each Kolla art piece is a love letter to the city we adore.

Thoughtfully Curated

Keeping the selection of art offerings limited to pieces created primarily by photographers with strong connections to Stockholm allows for the privilege of sharing our city through the lenses of those who know it most intimately. Every piece of photography art that we feature has been carefully hand-selected and thoughtfully curated by professionals with many years in the business. And with more than 50 new and established photographers in our network, there is unlimited potential for fair representation across stylistic genres. At Kolla there is something available for everyone, yet since each photograph is available in limited qualities and made to order, each piece purchased is truly one-of-a-kind.

Local Goods of Highest Quality

Buying art is an experience which should be nothing short of immersive, rich, and absolutely individualized. In the words of our co-founder Jakob Granqvist, “‘Quality over quantity’, ‘ you get what you pay for’. The sayings are many when it comes to quality and price, and this certainly holds true with our products, too. We want that hand-made feeling to shine through and for people to feel that they’re getting a unique art piece”.

Quality matters, and at Kolla, you will find nothing less than the best quality; nothing less than original photography art that has a decidedly exclusive feel and a fiercely inclusive attitude.