For Photographers

Sell your photography art


Hello, Photographer

We've made the sale process easy for you. You focus on your photography, we take care of everything from preparations, marketing and sales to production, packaging, shipping and all that comes with the sales process.

Gather a few images (high-res or low-res, big or small, many or just a couple) that you think might be a fit and send us your work for review.

Once we have your images, the Kolla curation team will go through and evaluate the selection and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Whether or not your images are a fit at this time you'll hear back from us within a few days.


Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which photos are you interested in?

We are interested in images from all parts of the world, and primarily urban environments.

What type of images are you looking for?

We're not looking for any certain subjects or places. The photographs can be of alleys, buildings, landscapes, details, colour, black and white... anything, as long as it connects to the place.

What kind of files should I send?

When you first submit, you can send any type of image file. The only requirement is that it's big enough so that we can review it properly, so low-res or hi-res doesn't matter.

Once we've past the first step, we'll ask for a high resolution version of your image file.

How many images should I submit?

Feel free to send as few or as many as you want. You can submit 3, you can submit 30, you can submit 300. We'll look through everything and get back with thought about which images might be a fit for Kolla.

What are the terms for photographers?

Photographers receive commission on all sales. We will not publish any of your work until we are in agreement on the terms and have a signed contract.

We'll get to the details after your images submission.