Product Information


Kolla art is printed on matte Fine Art Hahnemüle paper. We use 12 colour pigment printers for best lustre and longevity.

All art pieces are made on-demand. We don't hold stock and your art is always custom made for you.

Limited Editions

Every Kolla print is sold in limited editions, ranging from 10 to 500 copies. They come numbered and with certificate of authenticity. Once a product is sold in the number of copies available, the print will not be for sale again.

Print Sizes

  • 30x40 cm
  • 40x50 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 70x100 cm
  • 100x140 cm


  • Prints can be purchased with or without our hand-made passepartouts.
  • The prints come mounted in the passepartout.
  • Passepartouts are 2,5 cm up to 10 cm wide depending on size.
  • The total print size remains the same, regardless of passepartout. For example, a 50x70 cm print will always fit a 50x70 cm frame, no matter if it comes with or without passepartout.
  • Our passepartouts come with a subtle Kolla logo "k." in the bottom right corner.
  • The passepartouts have both a front and a back, keeping the art safe from damage.


Our timeless frames come in black, white, or oak and are made in Sweden using Swedish wood. The black and the white frames are made of ayous wood and the oak frames are made of pinewood. Most frames come with real glass. Our 100x140 cm frames come with acrylic glass.

Frame Sizes

  • 30x40 cm
  • 40x50 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 70x100 cm
  • 100x140 cm

The depth and width of the frames offered is 15 mm and 20 mm regardless of frame size.

Additional Information

  • Frames are purchased as add-ons to Kolla art and cannot be bought separately.
  • Frames come in the same size as the selected size of the art. If you order a 30x40 cm photograph and add on a frame, the frame will be 30x40 cm to match the art.
  • The art comes mounted in the frames, ready to hang on delivery.

Acrylic Mounts

  • Photographs are glued to the surface which gives a clear image with fewer reflections, and creates distance between photograph and plexiglass.
  • Acrylic Mounts Standard and Reflection Free
    • UV protection and scratch-free surface.
    • Acrylic mount Reflection free comes with TrueLife glass, made specifically for mounting photography art.
    • Both come with 3 mm thick acrylic glass.
    • Mounts in sizes 50x70 cm and up come with a 20 mm distance frame made by aluminum on the back, while sizes 30x40 and 40x50 cm have a 10 mm distance frame. This makes the art come out from the wall, creating a floating effect.
    • Easily hung with included hanging mechanism. Comes with instructions for hanging.
  • Acrylic Mount Light 
    • Similar to standard acrylic mounts but with 0,5 mm thick plastic glass (PET) instead of 3 mm acrylic glass, and with a while plastic back (PP) instead of aluminum.
    • This give light weight and allows for a lower price. Not UV protected and not scratch-free.
    • 0,5 mm PET is a glossy, clear plastic material.
    • 2mm PP (Ekoprint) is a new solid light weight material made for photography art and partly by recycled materials.
  • Read more about our hand-made acrylic mounts here.

For more information about our products, see our Frequently Asked Questions.