Kolla Photographers
The over 100 Kolla photographers are a diverse bunch and originate from all corners of the globe. From right here at home in Sweden to Canada to Italy to New Zealand, and many other countries.

Viggo Lundberg

In his work Viggo focuses on the nordic landscape, nature and wildlife. His aerial photography have quickly attracted attention worldwide. 

Viktor Ankarberg

Viktor is a chef that always walks around with his camera in hand when he is not in the kitchen.

Visar Neziri

Photographer living in Sweden. Loves technology and enjoys photographing portraits, cityscapes and nature.

William Röhl

William is a self-entitled guide of Stockholm with a penchant for local gems, his style is best described as architectural portraiture.

Zacarias Cunha Martins

Born and raised in Portugal, Zacarias always takes some film rolls to snap analog pictures of the places he visits.