Karin Hasselström

Photography is all about time and presence, to get close and to just be there in that moment. 
It's all about appreciating what we have around us and how we can see the details in greatness and see greatness in details.
Photography is a passion which is abstract and subjective, it takes us from being documentary to artistic and it's private and exposed at the same time. 

This is Karin's view on photography and why it's been a passion of hers for the last decade. 

What is Kolla Limited Edition?

Kolla Limited Edition are carefully selected art photographs that come in limited number of copies. We’ve asked the best emerging and established photographers to submit their favourite photographs of Stockholm, and curated a collection from all corners of our beautiful capital.

These photographs are exclusively available at Kolla and come with Certificate of Authenticity. Once sold in the number of editions available, the art piece will not be for sale again. We update our selection of photography art regularly to secure a diverse and unique catalog.

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