NYHET: Floating Frames

En unik ram gjord i tjockt akrylglas
Posted on 22/11/2020

We always seek to push the envelope, to remind ourselves to never get comfortable, to grow and evolve, and to bask in the unparalleled inspiration that comes along with newness. Up and coming artists, up and coming art scenes, up and coming ways to display art...We’re here for it all.

The newest trail we’ve set out to blaze? Frames, by popular demand.

The frames we have always offered remain a tried and true classic. They stand the test of time, they display our art beautifully, and they are hand crafted in Sweden using only the highest quality local products and assembled with the most meticulous hands. But we see no use in limiting ourselves to one framing option. Just like the art you choose to purchase should feel truly personal and custom, the way your art is displayed should, too.

Our new floating frames provide a luxurious and modern option for displaying your Kolla art. Created using high quality thick plexi glass, these frames allow the enclosed art print to be the main focal point, while also subtly accenting it with sleek design. Hung with a wire mounted to the top corners equals effortless installation, and each floating frame comes delivered with your photograph already inside, meaning no assembly required. Just pop your floating frame on your wall and enjoy for years to come. 



Floating Frames come in 50x70 cm size only at this time and are priced at 999 SEK / 99,90€.

Choose "No Passepartout" if you want the photograph without white margin (all photos above are with the option "No Passepartout") and select "Passepartout" if you want the photo with a white border.


To shop our new Floating Frames, head over to the arts section, select size 50x70 cm and the option 'Floating Frame'.

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