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An appreciation for craftsmanship
Posted on 28/08/2020

At Kolla, our appreciation for fine artistry and craftsmanship certainly does not end with our utmost appreciation for our featured artists. While we believe, of course, that the art we curate and distribute is unmatched and worthy of all praises, we were simply not content enough to stop the process there.

Art is in the essence of everything that we do. Born out of a desire to make beautiful things accessible, we quickly found that beauty exists within every step of the way - not just in the final product. To honor this philosophy, we have remained committed to a few key philosophies to ensure that the art you receive from us can truly be admired from every inch and angle.

In a world with ever-evolving technologies and a penchant for lightening-fast efficiency, there is something really special about thoughtfully handmade things. To know that a product has been touched by meticulous hands and seen by exacting eyes - we believe - makes all the difference between a good product and a great one. This is why we produce everything in house and on demand, remaining closely linked with the production process from start to finish. By making our art pieces made-to-order, we ensure that each order is given the care and attention that it so deserves.

On top of white-glove production and an unmatched handmade philosophy behind each Kolla art piece, the quality of all materials that we use continues to remain unequaled. Because we limit the quantity of each print sold, we can not only ensure that you are investing in something truly one-of-a-kind, we can also completely stand behind the quality of our products. When printing your chosen made to order art piece (which comes numbered to reflect its individualized nature), we use only the highest quality Hahnemüle paper - paper which remains unrivaled in the artistic space since 1584 - and perfectly match each piece with a distinct Swedish-made passepartout to make it stand out even more among others. Though each piece is diligently made to order, we priorities quick deliveries by printing each order on the same day or the next day. You won’t have to wait long to get a special piece of Stockholm delivered straight to your door.



More than we stand behind art, we stand behind great art in every facet of the process. We take great pride in the heirloom-worthy products we produce, and we know that our customers do too for years - and decades - to come.

Written by Niamh Wilkins

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