Kolla Open Edition

Introducing Kolla Posters
Posted on 16/07/2020

Ever since the very early days of Kolla, we have proudly pushed ourselves to make beautiful, high-quality photography art attainable for the masses without running the risk of feeling mass- produced. We want the art that you purchase from us to feel worthy of hanging both in your home and in a museum. We’ll preach it until the end of times: quality matters, attainability matters, support for the arts and our local artists matters.

Yet throughout the years, we have come tor realize that attainability is a bit of a subjective concept. What is attainable for a committed connoisseur of art may feel just a bit out of reach for the more casual art admirer. And while we certainly believe in the products we produce, we also consistently strive towards growth. So what does growth look like in this case? Taking a stand to be a bit more diversified in the range of accessibility and offerings for the more casual consumer or collector of fine art pieces. We think that’s a great place to start. 

Unwilling to compromise in quality, yet affirming a need for a product offering that is bit more budget-inclusive, we are proud to share our newest addition to the Kolla family: Kolla Open Edition. While the majority of the pieces of photography art that we offer are presented as limited editions, Kolla Open Edition is available for purchase in unlimited quantities. Printed on fine Hahnemüle paper just like our standard pieces, Kolla Open Edition pieces are more poster-like than our other offerings, allowing for a more accessible price-point. Each Kolla Open Edition poster comes with a different design, always with the photograph in focus. Frames are also readily available to add on to any Kolla Open Edition purchase. These offerings are not intended to replace the demand for our more standard photography art, but rather to create a space at our table for the more economical art appreciators among us (or those of us who just love a really great poster).

We are currently offering two beautiful options for Kolla Open Edition. “Reflected History” by Daniel Cousins features stunning architectural details during peak golden hour. “Playing Hide and Seek with City Hall” by Håkan Garnefält features a beautiful scene of both Stockholm City Hall and Riddarholmen. Both pieces would make a terrifically eye-catching and contemporary addition to any room or corner that could stand a bit of brightening up.

We hope that you celebrate the launch of Kolla Open Edition as much as we do. It is always our hope to help bring beauty into the world and into the homes and spaces of our customers, and we believe that Kolla Open Edition can make achieving that goal even more possible.

Written by Niamh Wilkins

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