Inspiration: Blue

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Posted on 29/06/2020

The colour blue so effortlessly evokes feelings of tranquility and serenity, and consequently promotes unparalleled restfulness. So it’s certainly no mystery as to why blue is such a popular choice in home decor - from wall paint to art and beyond. While not technically a neutral, blue is so easy to pair and personalize. When looking for ways to refresh and renew your space, you can’t really go wrong by adding touches (...or unabashed splashes) of blue.

If you are looking to add some art into your home or office space, we think that mixing and matching various prints is a great place to start. By focusing on a theme - blue in this case - it becomes so easy to create interesting dimension and originality in your space while remaining cohesive and harmonious. Better yet, we’ve done a bit of the work for you and hand-picked three pieces we think belong together.

[Top: Linje 85 |  Bottom: Sthlm Classic |  Right: Sergels torg 3]

In nature, blue often appears at the end of clear, memorable days as the sky grows dusky and the world becomes so quiet and peaceful. Quite a few Kolla artists have done fantastic jobs at capturing the unique blue hues of the sky as it ebbs and flows, ultimately turning from day to night. “Sthlm Classic” by Krister Back showcases the Stomatol neon sign in all her glory contrasted against a dim evening sky. Shades of light blue mix with the dark of the night and create an eye-catching air of mystery. Likewise, “Sergels torg 3” by Olaf Plym Forshell features the intense red of Sergels torg with a hint of evening sky looming in the background. And breaking from the neon mold a bit, “Linje 85” by Krister Back features the last glimpse of a pale blue sky before it is taken over by the soft pink and yellow hues of sunset. These three art pieces each relate to one another beautifully, yet are strong and distinctive enough to stand apart on their own.

Curating a miniature art collection in your home is a great way to showcase creativity, personality, and adhere to a theme you feel particularly passionate about. Gone are the days of mismatched gallery walls. Let’s add a bit of distinction, story-telling, and uniformity to the pieces we choose to display. Starting with something as simple as the colour blue is - in our opinion - a fool proof way to start.

Daydream a bit about how these three art pieces would elevate your home decor, and head to the shop to make it a reality.

Written by Niamh Wilkins

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