5 Photographs that Remind Us of the Beauty that Surrounds Us

Face the everyday with new eyes
Posted on 05/06/2020

It’s nothing that hasn’t been said before, sure, but we think it is worth repeating: art undeniably possesses the ability to make us see the world around us - often scenes that we come face to face with every day - with new eyes. A fresh perspective. A unique framework.

So many artists are gifted with the power to completely transform the way people see the sights that surround them. They possess an artistry which provokes us to adopt an appreciation for what is right in front of us and renounce the “grass is always greener on the other side” mindset. This is a strength that should be highly celebrated, especially in a world that makes it increasingly difficult to look on the bright side with each coming day.

At Kolla, we are proud to have so many artists in our community who can boast this very ability. It is always our hope that the art we share inspires and uplifts, and this desire would not be possible without the great photographers which make Kolla what we are today.

Here are five pieces of Kolla photography art that remind us of the beauty surrounding us. We hope they help remind you, too.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Thomas Swedin

Rainbows are inherently cheerful. They poetically remind us of the joy that comes after storms, the hope that comes after darkness. This photography by Thomas Swedin features a picture-perfect rainbow crowning Stureplan and being admired by embracing onlookers after an afternoon storm. The hope captured by Thomas here is contagious.

Magnolia Tree by Krister Back

Bright yellow buildings, painterly pink flowers newly in bloom, and unabashed sunlight bursting through the flowering tree: happiness abounds in this photograph by Krister Black, taken one spring morning in Gamla Stan.

Snickarbacken by Carl Jansson

Artist Calle Jansson describes this photo as “The first sun of the day is breaking in between the buildings on the street Birger Jarlsgatan, highlighting two people heading in different directions.” There is something really powerful about the sunlight breaking through the shadows, waking up the city with its blanket of light. Just as a rainbow brings hope, so does the sunrise. Hope of a brighter day, better things to come, and the promise of new starts.

Söderort by Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy describes this photograph as “The most colorful building in Högdalen, sparking a little joy in the southern suburbs of Stockholm.” The pastel hues of this building, especially in contrast with the stark grey one behind it, certainly does spark immense joy. To find happiness in small things, even the paint colours of the buildings we drive or walk past each day, is no small thing. There is joy to be found in every corner.

Sunrise Avenue by Isak Gabre

It can be strangely peaceful to catch a view of the city from so far away. The noise of the streets fades away, the hustle of travelers is out of sight, and everything looks so small and perfect. This photograph by Isak Gabre shows off Stockholm from a truly spectacular point of view, reminding us how wonderfully small we are, and how big and wonderful the world around us truly is.

Take some time this week to see the world around you with the eyes of an artist; forgoing the blemishes and imperfections, loving it just as it is.

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