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Marc Zetterblom

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Posted on 21/05/2020

Marc Zetterblom is no stranger to Stockholm, as evidenced by his nuanced and artful photographs of the city he loves so dearly. Marc was born and raised in Stockholm and now resides just outside of the city centre. Yet despite his long-standing history with the city, Marc cites his love for photography as the spark which triggered him to really rediscover his home and finally recognize it as something special. This love for photography that Marc now indulges in is only a recent venture; being new to the art form only serves to add to the freshness and fearlessness that Marc effortlessly brings through his photography.


“Even though I have been increasingly interested in photography the last five years or so, I still consider myself relatively new to this art form. Like many others, I started out with my iPhone before investing in a dedicated camera. For me, photography is all about seeing and finding new ways to express my day-to-day observations”.

These day-to-day observations, especially of little passing moments and under-appreciated vignettes around Stockholm, have allowed him to make something beautiful and interesting out of “something ordinary”, as he says. And perhaps even more profound, Marc’s quest to rediscover his hometown has undoubtedly given others the push to do the same.

Even though I have been increasingly interested in photography the last five years or so, I still consider myself relatively new to this art form

When one lives in a place his whole life, it can be quite easy to feel complacent or bored with it. However, Marc’s journey to intentionally seek out the special moments instead of resting in the mundane is an inspiring lesson for all. Beauty is all around us waiting to be revealed. It is up to us to take the time to notice it.

Looking at Marc’s work, it is quite clear that he has a great talent for capturing photographs of motion, of fluidity, and of natural progression. His photographs often feature people on the move - whether in train stations, on the streets, or contrasted with brightly colored buildings. This is not by chance. Marc explains “I really like to capture people on the move. Motion has always been of interest to photographers, since Muybridge and onwards. And to be in motion is of course the opposite of standing still. It indicates change.”

Photographers like Marc who capture candid scenes as they are unfolding, often of strangers, bring such a necessary sense of boldness to the art scene. When asked about tips for aspiring street photographers, Marc says that “foremost [you] need to have a lot of patience and at the same time be decisive when the moment occurs. And of course, there is an element of fear to conquer”.

Marc’s work so beautifully shows that when you make the most out of scenes that are right in front of you, moments that are happening whether you’d like them to or not (like people unexpectedly stepping into a frame), true art can be created. Art that feels more like real life and less contrived. Art that people can relate to, find joy in, rediscover forgotten feelings through. To embrace what is in front of you, to ebb and flow, to welcome change. These are all elements of Marc’s art that makes his perspective truly special and worth supporting.

“What I really love about photography is the element of chance. I love to take photos in an urban context. The city offers me interesting architecture, graphical elements, colours, shadows, and reflections. All these things are given, but what you cannot plan for is people. Who will enter the image and what will the person bring to the scene? It’s wonderful when the image really comes together and you are able to capture the fleeting moment”.

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Written by Niamh Wilkins

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