May Arrivals

Handpicked by us for you
Posted on 14/05/2020

As the mid-spring sunshine continues to warm the world around us, we really hope that things have started brightening up for you these days, too. But just in case they haven’t, we have some news that should help kickstart a little bit of joy.

16 gorgeous new arrivals featuring monochromatic moodiness, pretty pastels, fresh floral blooms, and so much more spring goodness have launched on the site - handpicked by our team and just waiting to be enjoyed by you.

As always, our art is made to order and available only in limited quantities. While this process guarantees your art collection will be as unique and one-of-a-kind as you please, it also means that pieces are liable to sell out.

Take a few moments to enjoy the sunshine and these new arrivals.


Left to right:

Lifeline by Angela Chong, 50x70 cm  |  Sunrise Avenue by Isak Gabre, 70x100 cm  |  Hötorgsskrapa by Knut Capra Pedersen, 50x70 cm  |  Staircase Silhouette by Johan Smedja, 50x70 cm


Left to right:

Balloon's Eye View by Elin Lawergren, 100x140 cm  |  Magnolia Tree by Krister Back, 50x70 cm


Additional new arrivals include:

For more new art, visit the New Arrivals section

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