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Give your walls some love
Posted on 23/03/2020

We are all influenced by the aesthetics of our surroundings to some degree. Things seemingly as mindless as the color on a wall or the pillows tossed on a couch can say so much about what we value, how we want to express ourselves, or how we want to feel when we come home. Airy and refreshing or earthy and warm...there is not one right way to create a home. A house becomes a home as we inject our personalities, hopes, dreams, and preferences into it over time. Each one as different as the people who inhabit them, each one so worthy of celebration and honor.

With the new mandate of social distancing and quarantines, we’re all liable to become all too familiar with our homes. So let’s make the most of things and show them a little love while we have the time. That empty wall you’ve been meaning to decorate for years? Let us help you fill it up with art that can inspire you and breed hope in the midst of some pretty hard days.

If we’re going to be confined to our homes for a little while, we might as well enjoy it fully.

Here are five happy art pieces we guarantee will uplift your spirits (and your walls) for the next few weeks.

1. Rising by Krister Back

When life feels a bit dark, it’s always encouraging to think of the sunrise: no matter how dark the night gets, the sun always rises. This piece by Krister Back features a vibrant Stockholm sunrise, reminding us that hope and happiness are not far away.


2. Stockholm Roofs by Samsul Alam Al-Majidi

Quarantines can certainly be isolating, and it can be easy to feel alone. This photograph of the colorful storybook rooftops of Stockholm feels comforting, showing that we are all in this together, and that we are never quite as far from our neighbors as we feel.


3. Warm Spring Morning by Krister Back

It might not be a coincidence that the first day of spring arrived in the middle of some epic worldly turmoil. This photograph by Krister Back, featuring a beautiful blooming tree and a bicycle begging to be leisurely ridden pays homage to the new life and fresh air that coincides with spring’s arrival. If nature remains hopeful and blooming despite present circumstances...we can, too.


4. Mörby Centrum II by Tekla Evelina Severin

The pretty pastels (“Like soft ice cream running down hard candy walls..”) and unconventional locations of Severin’s photographs taken in metro stations - like Mörby Centrum II - simply make us smile. It might be trendy to stick to a sea of neutrals and fifty shades of white when decorating, but be brave and try out some color this season. A framed photograph like this one is the perfect gateway.


5. My Favorite Trip by Karin Hasselström

While we currently can’t take any trips of our own (at least not any that require leaving the house), we can live vicariously through this photograph at Segels torg by Karin Hasselström. Artistic and etherial, ‘My Favorite Trip’ encourages us to get out of our comfort zone and capture things in unconventional ways... ways that make us feel.


We hope that these photographs bring you a smile. Don’t forget that for a limited time, we will be donating 100kr of each sale to the WHO Corona Relief Fund, so it’s never been easier to treat yourself to some good art and do good at the same time.

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