What Women Look Like

A Kolla Collection by Amanda Ekström
Posted on 15/08/2019

New Arrivals: 'What Women Look Like' by Amanda Ekström

Amanda is a Swedish photographer who perfectly represents the essence of Kolla: See the world differently.

Through her photos, she is on a mission to start a conversation and change the perception of the female form.



Amanda Ekström

Seeing the world differently was the impetus behind Amanda's photo collection, 'What Women Look Like'. Tuggmotstånd is Amanda's Instagram account which has caught the attention of many due to her portrayal of the female body. Many of her photos were removed from Instagram, she has been shadow banned by the site, and the reactions have been mixed. 

The starting point was a distaste for how women were portrayed on social media sites. As a teacher, she noticed her students sharing photos of influencers who were "perfect". No stretch marks. No flaws.

In hearing this, Amanda had enough. Someone needed to do something about this unrealistic portrayal, so she used her camera as the medium to spread her message and her path was set. At this point, it has become quite clear that her mission is to use her art as a means to a discussion.

The delicate balance with her photos rested in her desire for the photos to be tasteful enough to comfortable be hung us art pieces. Yet, at the same time, communicate her mission to show the female form in a natural way.

Her photos are beautiful, and we're proud to have Amanda as part of Kolla.

Hear Amanda share more about her work in the video below.


The prints from 'What Women Look Like' come in only 50 copies each, all numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.



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