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Posted on 13/03/2018

Photographers or not, we all spend our days exposed to incredible image after incredible image. But scrolling through photography on screen is one thing - admiring it as a top quality print is quite another.

That’s why at Kolla, we’re so excited about making the beauty of the world tangible through photographic art you can hang on your wall. Here’s what makes our prints so special.

On-demand printing

All our images are printed in Sweden, on demand. That means no factory-heavy production, ordered in bulk through high-volume distributors. Every print we produce is made when you place your order.

High-quality prints

We love our printer! Ready for the geek bit? Our photographs are printed on a premium 230gsm matte uncoated paper, giving them a luxurious feel. Using a 12-colour pigment printer means maximum longevity and gives the prints a gorgeous extra lustre. 

If that’s all a bit techie, just order one and we promise you’ll be impressed.

konst tavlor

Experienced vision

Our secret sauce is our wide range of brilliant photographers. None are new to the game; they come to Kolla with bags of experience. 

The fun bit for us comes in curating their often disparate visions, creating compelling collections from artists with unique styles and perspectives. 

tavlor inspiration

Real-world beauty

Our aim is to free exceptional images from digital purgatory and turn them into something tangible.

Basically, we produce museum-quality products, from a global band of art photographers and we’re determined to give our customers access to this high-end value at everyday prices. Oh! And we have a good time doing it. 

tavlor posters

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