Kolla X Sthlm

What's Stockholm to You ?

We want to send a love letter to our home city and we want your help. Send us your images of Stockholm and show us our city through your lens.

We’re not looking for the touristy photos or the same old clichéd views. We want the images locals will recognise, the photos that connect with people who love the city as much as you do. We’re looking for the photographs that show your unique truth about our city.

Whether you see the ancient or the modern, the endless summer sun or the deep winter snow, the people or the places, we’ll pick the best. We’ll select the sharpest, the coolest or the most inspiring and we’ll use them to create Kolla X Sthlm, a collection of limited edition, high quality prints to be sold to art lovers around the world.

So dig out your old hard drives, your disks, sticks and archives and get in touch. Help us share your vision with those who love Stockholm, those just dreaming of visiting - and those who thought they knew it like the back of their hand.


Hi-res or low-res, many or just a few. Once you've sent us your images, we'll get back to you ASAP with all the details. Photographers receive commission on all sold prints. We will not use any your images until we've agreed on the terms.

What is Kolla X Sthlm?

Kolla X Sthlm is our love letter to the city.

It’s our way of discovering what the very best photographers see in those streets and spaces. It’s a peek through the lens of natives and visitors, who bring their unique perspective to the ochre buildings, the steely lake and the people of Stockholm.

We’ll handpick images with the usual Kolla rigour, and print them on high quality paper in limited editions. The total amount of selected images will be no larger than 50, and the Kolla x Sthlm project will include print sales, display of the images in central Stockholm, and more.

SUBMIT TODAY for a chance to see your images among the final 50!

You don't have to be a professional photographer to participate. Our curation team will select our favourite images from all submissions, regardless of the photographer. So there's no harm in submitting, whether you're a seasoned professional or a total rookie.

For more information, please email us at info@kollashop.com