Johannes Alm

Architecture school was quite an eyeopener, we studied everything from traditional art history to contemporary architecture and performance art, did croquis, sculpture, built models, painting and I discovered several new ways of visual communication. As I was reflecting and experimenting with all these new methods and approaches to visual art, my photography interest grew stronger. During my final year in architecture school I probably did as much photography as I did architecture.” Johannes worked for hire for events and gatherings but soon realised it wasn’t the right approach for him. After graduating architecture school, he underwent surgery which resulted in him having to take a year off. “This year, while both mentally and physically destroying me, became a spark for my photography work. I began treating photography as the passion it is, developing and experimenting with my style and hence found relief in photography.” Titles of his work can often be traced back to music where he finds some of his inspiration. Johannes' work can be seen online and in galleries in southern Sweden.


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