PARIS by Laura Sanchez

New Collection in Pastel Colours
Posted on 11/02/2022

We're proud to present a brand new collection of amazing, minimalistic photography art in pastel colours by French photographer Laura Sanchez. Her work is extraordinary and we're so happy to feature her at Kolla. 

With Laura's eight unique photographs, we get to visit a Paris we've never seen before. A Paris full of good vibes, pastel colours and minimalistic compositions.

Who is Laura Sanchez then, you might ask. We've asked her to tell us a bit about herself:

I’m a photographer-barista-moon lover born in Provence, a beautiful region in the south of France which remained my favorite place for inspiration. Today I’m based in Paris and I experiment photography with urban elements and minimal aesthetic. I’m fascinated with the beauty of architecture and candid street scenes.

Photography is almost therapeutic to me

I started to photograph details and imagine minimal compositions because it was really relaxing. When I need a pause or to be alone, practicing photography is my best opportunity to contemplate, focus, and just be. It’s almost therapeutic.

Then, when I have a camera with me it’s like a reminder that we just need to look up to see beautiful things. These are the things I love the most!

Eiffel Tower


There's an obvious love colour in your work. Does your entire life go in pastel colours?

Heyy, let’s say I see life not as simply black and white :)

As for the visual style, I like to experiment with colours. Together with light, colour is one of the most important elements I’m looking for when I take and edit pictures. I try to provide a poetic atmosphere with pastel tones and colors also affect positively my emotions.

I would love to experiment black and white photography too.

Finally - your work is all about Paris. What's so great about the city?

For me the beauty of Paris is the diversity. A mix of traditions, modern cultures and a glimpse of various and beautiful architecture. Paris is like a playground, it’s a charming and dynamic city in which I am happy to live!

Parisian Lady


View the full PARIS collection by Laura Sanchez here

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