The Beauty Around Us

Kolla donates 100 SEK per sale to WHO Corona Relief Fund
Posted on 21/03/2020

There’s a quote by French novelist Marcel Proust that states “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” We’d say that’s a pretty timely thought for us all to ponder as we’re all currently in the midst of some unprecedented times. With the amount of flights cancelled, trips postponed, and people currently facing confinement in their homes for the foreseeable future, it’s tempting to feel anxious and unsettled. In times like these, times that perhaps feel a bit apocalyptic and eerie, the world can feel more scary than beautiful. It can feel more hopeless than hopeful. The future can feel more dim than it is bright. The unknown can be crippling.

But maybe this time - tragic as it is - also has slivers of opportunity hidden amongst the setbacks and fear. Though we’re currently unable to seek new lands, the chance to see the world around us with new eyes is one we shouldn’t easily pass up. Taking the chance to rest in the places we are instead of pining for the places we long to be, taking a moment to appreciate places of familiarity and comfort and to honor them for shaping us into who we are today feels pretty sacred. We’re all in this together.

Here at Kolla, we are certainly not shy about our love for Stockholm. We’re outwardly and unashamedly passionate about celebrating every cobbled corner, every rooftop vantage point, every individual who makes our city unique...and we’re grateful for the collective of artists and photographers and purveyors of art who allow us to have glimpses of our city (and the world) through a myriad of new eyes and fresh perspectives. These days, reveling in the beauty of our city feels like a healing balm for the calamity of the world around us.

Though things feel a little bit bleak right now, the world feels a little strange, and our souls feel a little burdened, we are holding on to the charm of Stockholm, holding fast to the truth that this will pass, and doing our part to help you do the same. Do you need a reminder of the beauty remaining all around us? Take some time to browse our Stockholm collection and admire the spirit of the city alongside us.

Throughout April, Kolla will donate 100kr of each sale to the World Health Organization’s Corona relief fund. The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund was recently founded by WHO as a means to raise money to be used in an effort to prevent the worldwide spread of COVID-19, as well as responding to countries who are already affected. We are honored to do our part by contributing to this worthy and necessary cause, and thankful for your help in doing so.