Creating In The In-Between

Dust Off Your Camera
Posted on 27/02/2020

The short time between the end of winter and the start of spring is not always known to be the most inspiring of seasons. The trees are bare, the weather is often unpredictable in the worst of ways, the dark nights and short days seem to drag on...and it can start to feel nearly impossible to find motivation to stretch your creative muscles. It’s just so easy to stay indoors and weather the in-between seasons by working at your desk, catching up on paperwork, or (let’s be honest) binge entire seasons of your favorite show in one sitting. It’s admittedly way harder to pick up your camera, strap on your boots, and head out into the elements to make the most of the last bits of winter. We think it’s a worthwhile pursuit regardless.

Here are four reasons we all should get off the couch and get out with our cameras this in-between season.

1.The Perfect Moment Won’t Wait

If we only picked up our cameras on days when everything felt pleasant and inspiring and ideal, we would miss out on quite a lot. Perfect moments are so fleeting - they certainly don’t wait around for us to be ready and comfortable for them. By pushing ourselves into situations that are a bit unconventional, we’re likely to surprise ourselves with the art we can create. ‘Run’ by Håkan Garnefält is a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time: the stark contrast between the white snow and the black figure makes quite an impact.

2. Seeing Things with Fresh Eyes

When the weather is disagreeable, we can use it as an opportunity to explore new places we may not have noticed or given much thought to before. Maybe the rain or snow can give us an excuse to duck into a new alley, cobblestone street, or metro station and appreciate the more minute details with new eyes. ’T-Centralen’ by Tekla Evalina Severin showcases the eye-catching geometry and perfect pastel shades that make up a metro platform in Stockholm. This scene has likely been passed over by commuters countless times, but it’s so worth appreciating.

3. Get Over It

Literally. Is there anything more enchanting than a drone shot over an idyllic snowy scene? Working with drones can allow us to appreciate the icy beauty of late winter without having to venture too far into it. If you’ve been wanting to work on your drone skills, put on your warmest gloves- now is the perfect time! ’The Cabin’ by Viggo Lundberg tells the tale of a seemingly isolated cabin surrounded by etherial forests and snow covered fields, and makes us want to wait for the arrival of spring somewhere equally as cosy.

4. Everything is Beautiful in its Own Way

The first snowfall is always magical. We wait by the window watching the flakes gently fall, and eagerly anticipate the fun to come. But by March, the snow is no longer endearing, and we dream of green grass and blooming flowers instead. ‘Whites’ by Joakim Myrenius beautifully captures the scene of strong, snow-covered trees, a pure white field, and a horse who looks to be admiring his frosty surroundings. It’s a photo that reminds us of the magic of the first snowfall (and helps us bear with it a little longer).

Spring will be here before we know it. The world around us will start to defrost, dormant blooms will come to life again, and we won’t need to wear our heaviest coats just to get some fresh air. But for now, let’s make the most of life just as it is.

We hope this gives you a little inspiration to dust off your camera this weekend and create something meaningful.

Written by Niamh Wilkins

Niamh is a photographer originating from Dublin, Ireland but currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Deeply rooted in nostalgia and introversion, she seeks to use photography to celebrate the quiet moments for what they are in the hopes that they will be felt and remembered for years to come. 

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