Photographer Feature

Calle Jansson

Inspired by Melancholia
Posted on 20/02/2020

As a collaborative effort between art makers and art seekers, it’s no secret that Kolla wouldn’t exist without the incredible community of photographers who create and share such inspiring art. Each photograph curated and printed allows us all to see bits and pieces of the world through new eyes. One of our featured artists, Calle Jansson, just so happens to see the world most clearly in the the fog and the mist. He finds his inspiration in extreme weather conditions and just the right amount of melancholia.


Calle Jansson is a 29 year old photographer who originally hails from Södertälje, but now calls the southern part of Stockholm his home along with his girlfriend, dog, and newborn daughter. Södertälje is where a 16 year old Calle - inspired by his father - first picked up a camera (and hasn’t stopped carrying one around since).

In a world where artists, and especially photographers, often feel enormous pressure to monetize, market, and rely solely on their art as a means of making a living, it’s certainly refreshing to come across someone who is passionate about their art simply for art’s sake, and not for the potential monetary gain behind it. Jansson’s work is self-indulgent in the best possible way, as he has never seen photography as a career path, but rather a passion project (save for a few weddings here and there). This perspective has given Jansson the freedom to photograph only the things he loves, and has allowed him to solidly define his stylistic approach to photography.

Naturally inclined towards the dramatic and moody, Jansson’s work is often ethereal, dark, and a bit spooky. He confesses that he “rarely even brings the camera if the sky is blue”, and finds some of his biggest inspiration from Albin Sjödin. Jansson firmly sticks to what he knows and what he believes in, even when others might not quite “get” his vision. He confesses, “I uploaded this picture on instagram a couple of years ago, and a friend of mine asked me if I needed someone to talk to. I don’t know whether he was serious or’s not that my pictures mirror a depressed inner me at all. I just like the melancholic feeling in the pictures, just as I like melancholic music sometimes, and I can’t really explain it better than that."

[Left: City Hall Mist  | Right: Lights]

When asked what advice he would give to fellow photographers seeking to better capture the world around them? Simply put: don’t be afraid to just use your camera. “Take long walks with your camera and take tons of pictures of random things...Maybe my shutter doesn’t like that I’ve wasted its lifetime taking pictures of a soda can in the street or whatever, but I think taking a lot of pictures helps you develop your eye for details”. Figure out what speaks to you, practice capturing it in the best possible way, and never stop seeking it out.

He admits that he “rarely gets pleased with pictures [he] takes” (relatable, right?), but remembers one that has always stood out to him: a photo from a walk on Riddarholmen. “Stockholm was full of a really dense fog. It was cold and barely any people were out. But I rushed out and then this girl just stepped in to the picture”.

We love seeing the city with a fresh pair of eyes, and Jansson’s vantage point certainly doesn’t disappoint. He currently has a few stunning prints up on Kolla, featuring his captivating and otherworldly scenes of Stockholm.

View all Kolla art by Calle Jansson

Written by Niamh Wilkins

Niamh is a photographer originating from Dublin, Ireland but currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Deeply rooted in nostalgia and introversion, she seeks to use photography to celebrate the quiet moments for what they are in the hopes that they will be felt and remembered for years to come. 

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