Looking Back and Looking Forward

Posted on 01/01/2020

It’s a new year, new decade, new start, new you…Whichever way you spin it, it’s hard to ignore the simultaneous clash of weightiness and hopefulness felt by a year - and an entire decade - coming to a close. 


What mountaintop experiences did this year hold for you? Did you get married, adopt a puppy, move, travel to your dream city? Did you have nights out with your friends, pick up a new hobby, kick a bad habit? So many tiny moments, and likely some really big ones, make up the last year of a life well lived. And in our eyes, all these moments are so worth celebrating. 

It’s undoubtedly been a big year for Kolla, too, and we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to acknowledge some of our favorite parts of this past year, and some of the things that made 2019 one of our favorite years to date.

Here’s a little recap of a few of our most noteworthy parts of 2019. 


1. Kolla x Sthlm Gallery

Our self proclaimed “love letter to the city,'' the pop up shop opened in October and was certainly one of the highlights of 2019 for Kolla. Featuring a limited-edition collection of over 60 photographs of Stockholm, Kolla X Sthlm has given us a chance to shine a light on some of the things that make Stockholm great, and highlight some of the things we hope to commemorate through Kolla - from the cobbled streets, multifaceted people, stunning architecture, and beyond. 


2. Limited Edition, Limitless Potential

When Kolla first started, our prints were sold in unlimited copies. This year, we made the shift from unlimited quantities of our products to limiting the number of prints created and sold. And as it turns out, sometimes limiting ourselves proves to be the best option. Simply put, we found that the satisfaction and inherent mindfulness of creating art in limited quantities was truly worth pursuing. Ensuring our products are not printed and shipped en masse assures our customers that the pieces they purchase from us are truly special, one-of-a-kind, and made just for them. Chances are pretty slim that you’ll see your coveted Kolla piece hanging on another wall…and to us, that is a noble endeavor. 


3. Quality Matters…Kolla 2.0

Taking the time to feel really good about the products we are producing was a top priority this year. We’ve switched out our paper and now print using Fine Art Hahnemüle paper (which is recognized as the finest paper for printed art). Along with a major paper upgrade, our prints are brought to life using 12 color photo pigment ink printers. The addition of our branded passepartouts has proven to be nothing short of great and adds yet another layer of sophistication and distinction to our products. And we couldn’t upgrade our prints without upgrading the frames that house them, too. Our frames are now thicker and more solid with a deeper embed for a more artistic look (bonus: they’re made in Sweden and use Swedish wood). We guarantee you’ll both see and feel the difference. 


4. By Artists, For Artists

Kolla was created largely out of a massive heart for art. And not just art for art’s sake, but primarily for the artists who pour their entire souls into the photographs they create. The opportunity to give them a place to be seen and heard has always been at the forefront of our mission. Since the creation of Kolla, it has been a unique privilege to work with artists from across the world, and the chance to help bring their perspectives and visions to life is beautiful and humbling work. This year, we have partnered with countless artists, releasing limited-edition collections which have highlighted the diversity of different corners of the earth, the beauty of the human body, the movement of city corners and ocean tides, lonely trees and exotic animals, and so many other stories and stills. We are grateful to be entrusted with the task of bringing these art pieces out from behind a screen and into the real world, and so grateful for the artists who make Kolla what it is.


5. Community

The support received for Kolla is nothing short of energizing, inspiring, and affirming. We are thankful beyond words for all who have purchased a print or two (or ten), visited the pop-up shop, written a note, given us a follow on social media, shared Kolla with a friend, or who have simply looked at our site and believed in our goals and our business alongside us. Without people who cherish art, there would be no need for us to produce it. To our community throughout the world - thank you for making 2019 so great.


We are looking towards the new year expectantly, and looking back on the end of 2019 with an immense feeling of gratefulness. Cheers to 2020 and beyond. 

Written by Niamh Wilkins

Niamh is a portrait and wedding photographer originating from Dublin, Ireland but currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Deeply rooted in nostalgia and introversion, she seeks to use photography to celebrate the quiet moments for what they are in the hopes that they will be felt and remembered for years to come. 

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