Quality Matters

Investing In Quality Goods
Posted on 04/12/2019

It's likely pretty clear that at Kolla, we’re passionate about investing in quality goods. And it may be even more clear that we’re really passionate about investing in art. So when making the choice to invest in quality art, we think it’s important to ask yourself two questions: are all products created equal? And why should collecting quality art require an investment in the first place? 


Take it from our co-founder Jakob Granqvist: “‘Quality over quantity’, ‘ you get what you pay for’. The sayings are many when it comes to quality and price, and this certainly holds true with our products, too.” The truth is simple: producing art we all can be proud of - whether displaying or creating, selling or purchasing - is not an easy feat. Buying bulk produced posters and prints and framing them with something made en masse with cheap materials might be easier on your wallet, but it also cheapens an experience which, we believe, should be nothing short of immersive, rich, and absolutely individualized. Quality matters. 

Our fervent belief in quality goods is evident in our own physical products. Kolla art is printed on-demand, ensuring each customer receives a truly bespoke experience from the moment they place their order to the second they receive their package. A little more work on our end? Sure. But as Jakob says, “we want that hand-made feeling to shine through and for people to feel that they’re getting a unique art piece”. After placing an order, rest assured that your product will be printed on only the best matte Fine Art Hahnemüle paper using 12 color pigment printers. The combination of this paper with these pigments produces a noticeable lustre and longevity.

[Photo: Djurgården 4 by Viggo Lundberg, Limited Edition of 50]

We want everyone who gets a piece of art from Kolla to know and feel that they’re getting something truly special Jakob Granqvist, Co-Founder

The curation and creation processes at Kolla mirror the attitudes we believe consumers should share; those of mindfulness and distinction. In the words of Jakob, “we are very careful with the photographs we select since we want Kolla’s art to be just right for the style we’re trying to achieve. We want everyone who gets a piece of art from Kolla to know and feel that they’re getting something truly special. Additionally, our products are of the highest quality. We searched long and hard for just the right paper and the matching passepartouts, and our Swedish-made frames complement the printing perfectly.” We want our products to have a decidedly exclusive feel, but with a fiercely inclusive attitude.

[Left: The Mist by Håkan Garnefält, Limited Edition of 50  |  Right: Run by Håkan Garnefält, Limited Edition of 50]

Art - from the first click of a shutter to the final framed product - is such a personal medium. The scenes your eye is drawn to, the colors and shapes that energize you, or the landscapes and portraits that inspire you are all unmistakable reflections of your own unique being and the way you see the world. Chances are good that the photographs and art pieces that you relate to and connect with are not the same as your neighbor across the street or even across the world. So why do we limit ourselves with the art we feel worthy to adorn our walls? Why do we limit ourselves at all?

When investing in a Kolla product, you are not only investing in unmistakable quality, but also in a truly tailored, one-of-a-kind, immersive art experience. From choosing your print and frame to hanging your completed art on its rightful wall, the Kolla experience cannot be duplicated. Investing in quality art is investing in yourself. And believe us - you’re worth it.

Written by Niamh Wilkins

Niamh is a portrait and wedding photographer originating from Dublin, Ireland but currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Deeply rooted in nostalgia and introversion, she seeks to use photography to celebrate the quiet moments for what they are in the hopes that they will be felt and remembered for years to come. 

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