June Arrivals

Photography by Lambis Stratoudakis
Posted on 19/06/2019

We're proud to present the most recent Kolla collection. These ten brand new prints are photographed by Lambis Stratoudakis, an artist born in Greece and currently residing in Malmö, Sweden. 

The series of mainly abstract portraits is mesmerisingly beautiful and we are so excited to see them on your walls.

Learn more about Lambis Stratoudakis below, and browse his entire collection here.


Who is Lambis Stratoudakis?

I am born and raised in the south of Crete, Greece. Later on in life I moved to Germany where I studied architecture before moving to the southern parts of Sweden. Since I have travelled quite a lot in my life I like to see myself as a cosmopolite. I’ve worked as an architect, photographer, lecturer, furniture designer and gained national recognition for my underwater images of freedivers.

How and why did you become a photographer?

My work as an autodidact photographer begun in 2006 when I was asked to portrait free divers in their underwater environment in Egypt. Nothing I had experienced in my life was as beautiful, graceful and peaceful as those freedivers vanishing down from the big blue into the deep black abyss. 


Your style of portraiture is very unique. Is that something that has emerged over time, or have you always had this vision?

My vision is driven by my dreams, moods and obsessions. But it has taken a long time to see my vision in the right way.

I remember back in the days when I tried to grow as a photographer through a visual concept, poses, mainstream styled fashion and beauty photography. That developed in a strange relation to fashion and stereotypic fashion and portrait photography, a love and hate relation. After my underwater series I began to experiment with instant film and there I discovered the aesthetics that I had been searching for, for such a long time. Red, warm and painted. That was everything I was seeking.

Above – Left: Ida | Right: Izz


Can you share more about your creative process?

As an artist I have never been rational and my technique is often experimental and adaptable in the approach. I love to work under the skin as I believe this is the only way to find the qualities that we keep hidden. So when we finally open up, we will forget the camera and just see, feel and strip down to the bare essentials. There you find the face of art. This is a very challenging and intimate approach but it is the only way I can work.

To achieve my vision I use lightgels, slow shutter speeds, camera movements, light painting, optical blur, pushing polaroid emulsions, burn them, hand coloring them, solarize them. I love to experiment, combine different techniques and try new ways, both analog and digital.

Above – Left: Laura | Right: Laura II


Any new or exciting photography-related projects coming up?

I have always wished to close the cycle of my polaroid project “Extracting Souls” but have waited until I was 100% sure I could control the Polaroids the way I want.

Extraction Souls is very personal and the essence of what polaroid portrait photography means for me. My approach regarding this project was not only to portray but to capture souls in ways I have seen them and in the end, make them timeless. A second project is also in the making but this I keep in the darkness for now.


Above – Calamity I 

View Lambis' work and shop his limited edition prints.

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