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Posted on 14/06/2019

A collection of limited edition prints, an exhibition in central Stockholm, photography-related events, exciting partners, and more. Pencil in a visit to the Kolla X Sthlm pop-up shop in Stockholm this October.

What is Kolla X Sthlm?

Kolla X Sthlm is our love letter to the city. It’s our way of discovering what the very best photographers see in those streets and spaces - and sharing that with you. We handpick 50+ images which will be available for purchase in our pop-up shop downtown Stockholm as well as online on the website.

So where did the idea come from, and why do we need a love letter to Stockholm? We asked Kolla co-founder Jakob Granqvist to give us some more insight.

[Header image by Johan Tappert]


A love letter to a city through photographs isn’t the most obvious choice for a project. How did it come to be?

Many of us living in and around Stockholm share a love for this city. Not necessarily for the tourist attractions like City Hall, the Royal Palace, Skansen, etc, but for the everyday sights – the extraordinary in the ordinary, if that makes sense.

There are hundreds of fantastic books with photographs of Stockholm, yet I haven’t been able to find any great photography art portraying the city (aside from the same-old touristy views). That’s where the idea to create a collection of images from Stockholm originated from. We took it a few rounds internally, and the idea grew into the Kolla X Sthlm project.

Tell us about the process of curating the submissions. How did it feel when the work started coming in, and what was the criteria for accepting and rejecting the photos?

The criteria was simple: we’re looking for photographs of Stockholm that people who live or have lived here will appreciate. A photo of a subway station, a familiar street, a detail from somewhere in the city, or a touristy spot shown in an extraordinary way. Aside from that, the photography could be anything as long as it matched the rest of our work at Kolla. Sadly we had to turn down lots of submissions, but we’re extremely excited with the work we’ll be showcasing this October.


Inevitably, not everyone will view the curated selection as the best representation of Stockholm. How does it feel being part of an effort like this which could be met with criticism?

This collection is our love letter to Stockholm. It’s what we think Stockholm is all about. Had someone else curated the work, it would likely be different, but luckily we get to choose and we stand behind every single one of these photos.

Our goal with this collection is to show our appreciation for Stockholm

Can you pick one photo that encapsulates the collection?

This image by Marta Karcz is one of my favourites. I love the documentary vibe, the perfect capture of an everyday scene in the iconic streets of Stockholm.


What aspiration do you have for the audience who views the results of the Kolla X Sthlm collection once it is released?

I hope people will get to see Stockholm from a perspective they might not have before, or find a familiar place portrayed in a way that resonates with them. Our goal with this collection is to show our appreciation for Stockholm, and ultimately create something that people who love Stockholm as much as we do want to showcase on their walls at home.

Where and when can curious viewers check out the Kolla X Sthlm collection?

The collection is launched October 1st in our downtown Stockholm location (we’re still working on the exact address, TBD shortly) as well as on the coming Kolla X Sthlm collection page here at If you want to be the first to know, sign up for the newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.

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