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Behind the Scenes at Kolla
Posted on 11/06/2019

Each month our co-founders Cole Roberts and Jakob Granqvist will update you on the ins and outs of Kolla. This second entry by Cole gives you a peak behind the curtain to where Kolla works from.


A perfect Sunday afternoon in Sweden.

It's June, the sun is blazing, normal people are with family and friends taking in the sunny weekend.

For most of the weekend, I was on a roll with just being normal too. Then Sunday at about 17:00 that feeling crept in. My wife saw it instantly.

We've been together long enough she can read my signs, and when she saw it, she saw it.

"Go to the office and get it out of you. I've got the kids. Bring home diapers and gröt".

Being self-employed, you never switch it off. Never. You can hide it on the outside, but it's always there. It's a blessing and a curse.

The "it" I'm referring to is the constant thinking about the business. Are we doing the right thing. Where do we want to be tomorrow, next month, next year. Why are we not getting attention. What marketing is working. Is the product right. What about the price. How do we better understand our customers. A million questions that nobody in the world cares about but you - and your business partner, in our case.

The blessing here is loving the process. The curse is the effect it has on others when you simply cannot go to "off" mode.

Kolla's studio is located in an industrial area in Gävle, Sweden and when I open the office doors, the familiar waft of welding fumes greets me. Our neighbours on each side are heavy duty mechanics who work non-stop, so it was no surprise to hear the whizzing of metal rods and engines fuming. To battle their sounds, oftentimes I play country music from Canada as loud as my speakers will allow.

Then the grind continues. In a garage filled with prints, frames, cameras and art supplies, how do we show the world Kolla loves photography as an art form more than anyone else.

Welcome home.


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