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Posted on 12/04/2019

Our most recent Kolla collection comes exclusively by Italian artist Emiliano Verrocchio. We asked Emiliano to share a bit about himself, as well as describe a few of the images from his Kolla collection.



I am italian, born in Roma but since baby days lived in Pescara, a medium sized city on the Adriatic coast. I have very little Italian roots though, as I lived half of my life somewhere else than Italy (Uk and Finland). I work as a freelance photographer in Helsinki, a city I discovered in 2006 and fell in love with so much. I do love photography because, still, it's my only way to create "poetry" nowadays. I used to write things in rhymes before discovering a never used Minolta camera in my Dad's wardrobe, in 1988. Let's say my constant take on life is trying to see beauty in everything. And I constantly question myself about the human kind, and so myself too. Observing people has been a passion I had probably since I was a toddler!


On my first trip to Oslo around 2015, visiting my dear Swedish friend Linnea, she showed me around and thankfully the bright skies got me inspired! This elegant tall person just walked by silently - probably while I was sniffling up less elegantly as a result of a mild cold... - I had to catch his magic presence on film, even accepting my shadow on the floor.

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Pinja Walls

In between 2007 and 2010 my dear friend Pinja has been my absolute "muse". In the sense that we would just spend afternoons together, taking photos of her after lunch and literally of all kinds... It was because of our mutual passions (me taking photos and her performing) and we were always getting very random, all the times. This time we walked around, I loved her coat and those building - in the center of Helsinki - looked just perfect background. The photo shows in my opinion the many choices that a girl have to make living in a modern city!

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Impulsive Signal

London is a weird city. Way too big for my even bigger constant thoughts! Walking around was something I always wanted to do to relax and get inspired. The canals were my favourite paths to cycle back home but one day I took time and went by foot. I had just said goodbye to Amelie at Kings Cross, those days we started getting a bit distant from each other... I reached this boat space full of rubbish and abandoned looking objects and, yes, the cat seemed to jump away from love.

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Married With Finland

2018. This is my dear friend and London ex flatmate Hanna. We went visiting her grandparents at their amazingly cute summer cottage, middle of nowhere somewhere around Tampere. Hanna previously tried on her Mum's wedding dress... this time instead it was her Grandmother's one! Funny thing is that there was no groom available around, we laughed. But there was no need for it, to me this image explains both mine and Hanna's love for Finland.

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Sweet French Man

I was walking in the calm, sunny and breezy countyside around Lyon with some close French friends I consider my family. Just about after midday, this sweet man - a typical Papi (grandad) - appeared from around the corner and, slowly, opened his garage door. I have so much admiration for older people, I find them sweet, stylish and full of wisdom.

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