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New Kolla Collection by Magdalena Martin
Posted on 21/12/2018

Magdalena Martin left Sweden for Paris in 2013 and never turned back. Her collection of work from the streets of Paris are the next limited edition collection exclusively available at Kolla.


We love photography. 

With each new Kolla collection, we're reminded one unmistakable truth. We love this. We love receiving new collections, staring at them in detail, and watching them come to life in print.

Magdalena Martin's remarkable collection from Paris is available exclusively via Kolla in limited editions, all of which are numbered and come with Certificate of Authenticity.

Café Louis-Philippe

It's easy to drift away into a day dream with this iconic view of Café Louis-Philippe. Paris is an awakening to the senses, particularly visually which is why this print would be a perfect accompaniment to any home.

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The Café in Marais

The Café in Marais is a sign the has everything about the Parisian coffee culture woven into its aesthetic. An iconic piece of French culture, nobody does cafés like the French.

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38 Saint Louis

Imagine walking into this cheese shop in the heart of Paris. The incredible scents that fill the room at 38 Saint Louis must be remarkable. It's said that a great photo can ignite more than just the visual senses, and this timeless photo surely achieves just that.

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Paris Posters Online

Rue Montmartre / Lamarck - Caulaincourt

Seeing these two timeless black and whites makes them hard to separate. Together or alone, they highlight often overlooked details woven into the fabric of Paris which makes it truly a photographers paradise.

Left: Lamarck - Caulaincourt

Right: Rue Montmartre

Pink Love Poster

Pink Love

Not many doors are pink. Fewer have Love written above them. This is an incredibly unique scene no matter which way it's viewed, and something that's certain to be a conversation piece wherever it is hung.

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Deauville by the Beach

Deauville Beach is a perfect sweeping expanse of beach lovers paradise. The jewel of France has many sties to behold, but at times it's the unseen items which are too often overlooked that make for the perfect photographs

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