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In Focus: Magdalena Glowacka

Kolla Photographer Feature
Posted on 20/11/2018

Magdalena is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. Her driving forces in life are: 1. family, 2. photography and 3. traveling.


Magdalena Glowacka

Kolla Photographer Magdalena Glowacka

As she puts it, "without being a parent I wouldn't know what I want from life and how much the quality of life depends on me. I wouldn't be so aware of the time passing and the need of facing all challenges and fears here and now. With this knowledge my passion of photography that started in my youth became a real adventure with real wonderful people around the world."

We had a chance to do a quick interview with Magdalena to learn more about her, her passion for the arts, and what keeps her motivated.

Image: Nomade I


Who are you, where are you from, what do you do?

Right now I am full-time photographer who is trying to reconcile my work and passion with family life. I was born in Poland but I always imagined myself in Italy. I decided to move to Tuscany and since then I feel there like on constant vacation.

I travel a lot to photograph places and couples and if I have some free time with my family we go for trips with our camper. We wake up every morning in some different place. Travelling is my driving force.


How often do you get out and take photos only for you - not when you're being paid - and what motivates that to happen?

Not very often. While I work I carry two cameras and heavy lenses with me. When I photograph mountain elopements or adventurous shoots with couples I hike with all my gear for hours. This is why I need to have breaks and my cameras are getting dust in the cabinet.

The stimulus that initiates my desire to create is always a new journey. I bring photos from our trips. I document places and my beloved ones in the middle of nature. 

Images: Green on Coral Part II (left), Green on Coral (top), Sahara Camp (bottom)


Who is influencing your work right now?

I studied cinema so films are my main source of inspiration. 

From the world of photography I admire works of Isabel Muñoz, Sebastião Salgado, Josef Koudelka.

I love to visit Instagram accounts of Elisabetta Marzetti, Lelia Scarfiotti, Lilly Red. Their female eye bring the fresh air into the world of photography.

What photo of yours from the Kolla collection is your favourite and why?

My favorite photo that you can get into Kolla collection is “Primavera”. It presents my daughter when she was yet in her childhood, the most innocent and imaginative period. I know that in few years she will be adult and I will be crying going back to those memories.

What is one thing you're obsessed with right now? 

I'm obsessed with colors and light. If I don’t think about my family, probably most of my thoughts it is contemplation of these two elements of world and an attempt to tell this fascination in my photography.


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