Emelie Sundberg

Posted on 03/11/2018

We let the super-stylish Emelie Sundberg - host of gorgeous Swedish podcast Inredningspodden - loose on our range of photographic art.

For those who haven’t listened to your podcast - who is Emelie Sundberg?

Oh.. Who am I? I´m a mum of two beautiful kids, a creative soul that loves to create whether it´s composing music, redecorating at home or photographing beautiful things. Im also a person always searching for new adventures and ways to evolve as a person. That was the main reason I studied social work after high school and also why I started Inredningspodden.

So you were looking for adventure. Were there any other reasons why you started an interview podcast about interior design?

The main reason to be honest, is probably my constant need of challenging myself. Im not a journalist, I don't really know how to interview people. But I love interior, architecture and styling and there was no podcast about that in Sweden, so I started the podcast I missed myself.

With interviewing so many about their design preferences - how would you define your own style when it comes to interiors?

I would describe my style as Scandinavian - simple and with a lot of natural materials such as wood, linen and stone. I love to mix design classics with antique and inherited furniture. 

Tell us about the thinking behind the collection you’ve curated for Kolla. How come you selected these prints, and was there any particular print that was your favourite?

For me it is important that art, in all forms, tells me a story and make me feel something. The photos in my collection made me stop, think, and dream away for a while. I wanted the photos to go well together yet also work one and one.

My absolute favourite is Anonymous. I love the colors and the mysterious feeling in it.

What are you obsessed with right now?

Hmm.. right now I'm mainly obsessed with the thought of me only living once and I think a lot about how I want to spend that one life. I refuse to put myself in a situation where I look back at my life thinking, "if only I have had the courage to do this or that". It might also be a late 30's crisis, haha.

Who would you like to see curate a Kolla collection next?

I would love to se Catarina Skoglund (@annacate) curate a Kolla collection. I totally love her style.


Listen to Inredningspodden here (or search for it in your favourite podcast app). And view Emelie's Kolla collection today.

Together with Inredningspodden, we're happy to offer a 20 % discount on Kolla prints throughout November. Use code EMELIE20.


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