Babes in Boyland

Melancholic and poetic
Posted on 10/10/2018

Stylist Nathalie Myrberg and photographer Matilda Hildingsson are collectively Babes in Boyland - and hugely in demand for their melancholic and poetic images.

We’re super excited they’ve agreed to put together a collection for Kolla - inspired by their moody style and a splash of gut feeling.

What’s the story behind the name, Babes in Boyland?

This is the one question we always get, yet we find it difficult to answer. Maybe because there’s no good story, haha!

Originally, Babes in Boyland was supposed to be a communications agency, since we both come from a design background, and we thought the name was fitting with most agencies being run by men. And then we just ended up keeping the name, since it always got a reaction from people.

You have a distinct visual style. How did this emerge, and is your style something you think about, or something that comes naturally to you?

Our style has definitely evolved over time, but we had a clear style from the start, both visually and content-wise. We like the moody, poetic and sometimes melancholic, and even though we’re two rather different people, we we are similar when it comes to aesthetics and visuals.

What current interior trends do you find interesting?

How nature is so present in materials and in what we bring into our homes.

Tell us about the collection you’ve curated for Kolla. How come you selected these prints, and what about them spoke to you?

Like a lot of our own imagery, we’re drawn to photos that are poetic and moody, but we wanted to bring in some colour to our collection as well. We wanted images that would go well together, but also ones that would be strong on their own.

We always trust in our gut feeling, and that's how this collection came to life.

Aim for variation in shapes and harmony in colours. Babes in Boyland

Any tips for combining and matching art prints?

First of all, make sure the images fit in your home. Think about which colours you have, and use those when you choose what you want on your walls.

A tip is to mix old and new, especially if you’re putting together a gallery wall. That’ll make it feel more personal and alive.

Next, make sure colours and shapes match. Aim for variation in shapes and harmony in colours.

What are you obsessed with right now?

We currently love everything brown. That’s something we never would have thought we’d say.

Finally, who would you like to see curate a Kolla collection next?

We would love to see a Kolla collection selected by our lovey friend and colleague, Sofia Vusir Jansson, owner of Mokkasin. We adore her style and vision.

Check out Babes in Boyland's work in websites and magazines including IKEA Livet HemmaToday.comTara HurstFemina.sePlaza Interiör and Gardenista.

Or simply browse their exclusive collection for Kolla today.

This week only, use code BIB20 at checkout to save 20 % on Kolla prints. Valid until Sunday 21/10.


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