Fall-Ready Decor Trends for 2018

Three trends on the rise
Posted on 30/09/2018

If you’re a regular reader of the Journal, you’ll know we’re crazy about Pinterest.


One trend we’re noticing as we move into autumn is that craft is beginning to dominate even the hippest interiors in 2018.

As summer drifts to the wayside and we start thinking all things fall, here are some ideas to keep your interiors on point.

Bold Floor Accessories

We're gushing over Nordic Knots these days and if you've followed the Kolla story so far, you'll notice we love sitting frames. Best way to make a great sitting framed photo that much better? A stunning rug.

Image: Nordic Knots


Plant Fixtures

There's no shortage of plant prints in our collections. As we wrote earlier, the incredible house plant trend isn’t going away any time soon and for those of us with green fingers, pairing a plant print with an actual framed plant is a unique interior tip to try.

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Red Hues

Caliente, for the win! Benjamin Moore just crowned this luxurious hue the colour to watch for 2018 and we're flabbergasted with the inspiration out there on Pinterest for this bold style. It's the hottest colour of 2018 and if you're going to make a colour statement like that, we recommend pairing it with equally bold prints full of vibrant shades.

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