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Less Is More

Lagom Style Trend
Posted on 18/09/2018

Lagom. Pronounced ‘laaaw-gum’, it’s something Swedes don’t even think about from one day to another but it’s catching on like like wildfire in the international design world.


At the core of lagom is the knowledge that less is more. Have what you need, not necessarily what you want.

One lifestyle approach to lagom is to part company with items that have not been used in a while. A shirt, a pair of shoes, or an old lamp, perhaps.

As you let go of the item, think about what it’s taught you and why you got it in the first place. And then move on. Maybe what you learned in the end was that you didn't need it in the beginning.

Less is more

It’s a philosophy that applies to photography as well - a minimalist approach to creating art. In that vein, here are a few of our favourite lagom photos from the archives.

Two Lovers

Minimalism with a purpose sometimes gives us complicated ideas to think about. Objects might be simple and ordinary but viewed in a stripped down way, even the most humble is perfectly aesthetically pleasing.

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Do more with less. That's what clever lagom photography can teach us. In this example, all that was needed was directly in front of you: a wall. But noticing the unnoticed means absorbing the everyday and seeing it for its own inner beauty.

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Casa Mila

Stripping down the photo to the bare essentials and in glorious black and white. Less is more can also mean fewer distractions in a photo that compensates with flowing lines and direction.

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