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How to use sculpture in your home
Posted on 06/07/2018

Real art - the stuff you can get your hands on - is back.


Sculptures, busts and interesting objects can transform your art display from a perfect (but two-dimensional) wall gallery to an all-round collection that adds fascinating depth and interest to your interiors. 

Right now, it’s all about arts and crafts. Ceramics are a huge trend, bringing texture and interest to shelves and tables in the coolest homes. 

The hand-crafted, timeless feel of ceramic art is the perfect foil to photographic art - and the more raw and handmade the objects, the better they look.

With a firm focus on shape and composition, the tension between traditional ceramics vs modern photography looks incredible in any interior, contemporary or modern.

Kolla Prints

An eclectic corner, focusing on texture and graphic shapes.

Image: Linnéa Salmén

Kolla Posters

More understated texture, playing with monochromatic shapes.

Image: Linnéa Salmén

Kolla Shop

N R Ceramics turns a side table into a still life

Image: N R Ceramics

Grouping similar pieces together adds interest - and even humour.

Image: Residence Magazine


Smooth, refined ceramic contrasts with this rough concrete wall.

Image: Linnéa Salmén

billiga tavlor

The cactus provides the only subtle colour in this study in texture, combining ceramics, print, glass. wood and photography.

Image: Heimelig

Searching for a few more inspirational examples?

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