Plant trends to add right now

What’s hot in the world of houseplants
Posted on 18/06/2018

They’re the darlings of Instagram, generally seen looking sculptural and serene in a cool, chic interior. But while other fashions fade, the plant trend is showing no sign of wilting - in fact, it’s growing stronger than ever.

Different species create different looks in your rooms: so which plants are currently kings of the jungle? And what can you do if you’re not green-fingered?

Our interiors experts went on the hunt to find out what’s hot in the world of houseplants.


Go Bananas

They’re not always easy to find but if you can lay your hands on a big, lush banana plant, you’re talking instant impact.

Great for bold statements, they’re also brilliant for anyone who’s a bit lazy with the watering can: these robust, established specimens are much easier to care for than 10 small pots that will quickly dry out.

Kolla Plant Print
Kolla Plant Prints

Credit: Left | Right


Kolla Shop Plant Poster

Make your plants pop!

If you can’t stretch to the most fashionable new foliage, that’s no problem. Keep your old ones but the trick is to give them a change of scene. Place them in front of a wall of colour and you’ll be as cool as any hip interior influencer.

Kolla Shop Plants
Kolla Plant Posters

Credit: Top Left | LeftRight


Plants for people who kill plants

Not green-fingered? Away from home a lot? Not to worry, you can get the luxuriant, calming feel of leaves or flowers with Kolla’s nature collection. From Lelia Scarfiotti’s darkly romantic and painterly florals to Citlalli Rico’s pared-back studies of leaves, you’ll get the look, without the hassle of watering.

Kolla Plants Posters
Kolla Plant Poster


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