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Three must-follow Pinterest boards for chic interiors inspo

By Therese Winberg
Posted on 05/06/2018

When it comes to sophisticated interiors inspiration, Pinterest has it by the bucketload. But you do have to wade through a lot of dross before you unearth the treasures. 

Cut your scrolling time by following these three accounts: your hotline to the latest in chic Scandinavian home ideas.

James Moes

James Moes

James Moes Pinterest account is a gigantic resource of chic ideas, whether you follow one of the many interiors boards (including All Black Everything and Trend: Terrazzo) or wander off into random territory such as his tattoo wish-list or dream holiday goals.

Think monochrome, wood and good design. With splashes of colourful quirks.

Follow James

Kolla Pinterest


Well we had to include our own account! Not just because we egomaniacs - we’re really proud of it.

Expect tons of traditional and innovative picture hanging ideas, as well as dream interiors and the art and accessories that we’ve got on our personal wish-lists.

Follow Kolla

Johanna Bradford

Johanna Bradford

Swedish stylist Johanna Bradford helpfully organizes her elegant Pinterest boards by room - great if you’re planning a project.

But there’s plenty of other quintessentially Scandinavian inspiration here too, from packaging to shopfronts to lifestyle organized by season.

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