Interior Design Trends For 2018

To Pick or Not to Pick - Which Art is the Question

By Therese Winberg
Posted on 12/04/2018

Facing a great big blank wall can be intimidating. You know you want an eye-poppingly incredible gallery wall - but where do you even start?

My own way, when finding art for my walls and projects, is to start by breaking down  the colour palette in the room. Here’s how.


Get moody

For me, an art wall is like a moodboard. First gather together the colours you find in your home and see which shades and materials keep coming up.

You probably already know your key colours - especially the colours you don't like. Making a real moodboard of your home helps you to find art that fits the overall look and feel that you’ve already created.


Tone and complement

You can choose to focus on tonal colours or pick out a highlight or accent colour. Browse images that share similar colours - you could even print out a small version and lay them out together or play with them on screen to see how they work as a collection.

If you’ve got a very minimal set of colours, consider choosing striking black and white images only.


Choose eclectic

Another approach is to just go with your gut. If you like something, chances are it will complement the other items and colours you’ve already picked for your home.

Wall Art Prints

Images: Pinterest 1, 2, 3


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