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Hammer Time

How to conquer your fear and get your pictures up on the wall
Posted on 12/04/2018

Measuring tapes, hammers and nails. Otherwise known as a recipe for divorce in even the most stable relationship.

Here are our three easy-peasy methods of beating the horror of making the first hole in your pristine wall and getting your pictures up there where they belong.


Hanging Photography Art Prints

Lay out your art on the floor

A floor is like a wall without that annoying gravity getting in the way. Lay out your selection, move, tweak and change to your heart’s content until you’ve got it right. 

Snap a photo with your phone when you’re happy, to act as a back-up when you start moving them onto the wall.

Image: Momtastic

Photography Art Hanging Ideas

Make paper templates and tape them up

If you’re going really big with this art wall idea, this is the best way of getting the full effect.

It’s also useful if you’ve got troublesome walls - like old concrete, for example - which demand serious drilling, making it important to get it right first time.

Trace out your images onto paper and position and reposition on the wall. But remember to mark in big letters which image each template relates to.

Image: Momtastic

Photography Art Inspiration

Go with your gut and embrace the gunshot wall

Alternatively, just do what set designers in a hurry do: start with your biggest picture and just follow up with a nail where you think the next one should go.

Hang your picture.

How close were you?

Need to go down a bit, or a little to the left?

Bang in a new nail and ignore the amount of holes in the wall.

Chances are you won’t even see them until you move house, or redecorate. Call it the organic approach.

Image: Pinterest


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