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3 different ways to approach wall hangings
Posted on 03/04/2018

Hello, Wall. Let's make you beautiful and smother you with art. But where to start? Wall art can take many clever shapes and forms, with there being no rights or wrongs. Here are three different ways to get your interiors looking wonderful with wall hangings.

Inspirational Wall Decor

Less is not more, less is not enough

When it comes to interior design and very much all visual things in life, I always find myself drawn to many things of the same.

It’s the same reason why you have the indistinctly urge to put down your hand in a bag of seeds like Amelie Montmartre (which btw is an amazing film set design wise) or why a ceramic vase looked so amazing in the store with its thirty friends but seems a little vague and lonely now all by itself on your window frame.

We humans are drawn to the sensation of a lot of similar things, it just feels right.

So that's why more IS more when it comes to visual experiences, as long as its repeating and sticks together. 

Image: Ahre

For example, picking the same kind of frame color, your photo wall will always come together nicely, even if the pictures them self are quite different.

Choosing a thin frame line, gives your artwork a more elegant look then a thicker one. As well as choosing pictures with only or not at all white marginals.

Picking artwork in the same color schedule or like this one, all monochrome, also makes the entire wall come together and makes it relaxing to rest your eyes upon.

Wall Hanging Ideas
Decorating Tricks

Image Left: Pinterest | Right: Pinterest

Scandinavian Design Trends

The concept of repeating

Another way of displaying your gallery wall is to pick a ”leader picture”, and repeat the same concept.

For example using only portrait photos, the same frame and the same ration of colours and marginals, this look will never looks clustered and is a great for smaller walls, like a hall or a bathroom.

Image: Pinterest

Swedish interiors

Make the best of your ugly tv

Use your pictures to frame something unavoidable as your tv,  because lets face it, no tv’s are pretty.

Not even those fancy new ones that supposed to look like a real painting.

But as well as accepting that you never will find a perfectly beautiful AND really comfortable sofa for your living room, we have to accept an ugly tv in our lives because curling up and Netflexing isn't something we want to give up either.

Image: Therese Winberg


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