3 inspiring interior design accounts to follow in 2018

Three inspirational Instagram style accounts you MUST follow

By Therese Winberg
Posted on 02/04/2018

Every so often, our journal will showcase one of our team members and give them the chance to share something special. To kick it off, we have our stylist Therese Winberg, who was also Kolla's first curator.

Finding your way in the wilds of Instagram can be daunting in the search for consistently exciting accounts. Therese has sought out her favourites, and given you 3 inspiring interior design accounts to follow in 2018.

Header Image Credit: Splendid Rags


My Instagram feed is a messed up piece of ass.

It’s like someone took everything I like, shook it up in a bag and whizzed the entire glorious muddle together in a mixer.

But from this image smoothie, I’m going to pluck out my recently-found favourites, all perfect for fulfilling different parts of our daily scrolling needs.

Add some cute baby clothing accounts, a number of photographer colleagues and a sprinkling of terrible motherhood jokes and you’ll pretty much have my feed right now.

Leslie Schneider

A lot of Swedes are going to choke on their third cup of perfectly-brewed Moccamaster morning coffee at the technicolour extravaganza that is Leslie Schneider (@splendid_rags). 

Visual stylist Leslie Schneider’s rainbow account is pretty much as far away as you can possibly get from the minimalist white walls, Ikea birch coffee tables and monochrome Instagram feeds that are de rigeur at the moment. 

And that’s exactly why I love it so much. 

She really has an inspiring way of combining colours that makes me want to wear bright yellow pants and paint my kitchen in three different shades of pink.

Best Interior Instagram Accounts To Follow
The Top 3 Interior Designer Instagram Accounts to follow in 2018

Linnéa Salmén

If you’re not into popping colours AT ALL and simply want to curl up with earthy, ceramic, uber-trendy images from a talented stylist who also writes very funny captures (do not miss her Instagram Stories!), check out Linnéa Salmén (@linneasalmen).

Her recently-renovated home reveals Linnéa’s impeccable taste in what we only can call ceramic boob art. Yes - boob art. Remember where you read it first, because you will all have a ceramic boob statue in your home within a year, mark my words.

Three Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Interior Inspiration
Top 3 Interior Instagram accounts

Elle Decoration Netherlands

With a billion interiors magazines and blogs jostling for attention on social media, the big hitters are often on spot on with what’s trending right now - but so, so boooooring.

One little gem that swerves the dull is Elle Decoration Netherlands (@elledecoration_nl). Every picture is like a sweet little caramel of interior joy, with light, texture and colourcoming together in a way you’ve certainly never seen on the mainstream sites (I’m looking at you, Swedish home-selling giant Hemnet).

Instagram's Top 3 Inspirational Interior Design Influencers
3 Best Instagram Accounts for Interior Design Inspiration

Therese will be following up with more inspiration and ideas, so stay tuned. In the meantime, checkout the Inspiration pages to get some ideas for glamming up your own interiors.

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