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Posted on 07/03/2018

Kolla didn’t drop from the sky overnight. It’s actually taken us a while to get here.

We’re a band of photographers, designers, printing professionals and art lovers, all with more than a decade of experience in our respective industries. 

As a collective, we share a vision of curating beautiful art and creating high-quality products for modern interiors. And while we might share a vision, our different perspectives and different skills mean we each bring a unique slant to the Kolla collection. And that’s what makes us different.

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Art world collaborators

We believe that great art is born through the lenses of great photographers. But the reality is that a lot of this beautiful work is left to die - lost in a hard drive with other digital files. 

We hate to think of amazing images laying unseen and unappreciated, so we’re hugely excited that Kolla is going to bring some of these gems back to life and into your home.

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Unearthing our images

Over the years, we’ve gathered and nurtured a global network of talented photographers. So when we asked our friends and colleagues to submit images, we found ourselves peering into a vault of incredible photography art.

Every photo we sell is exclusive to Kolla. No bulk jobs. No hefty price tags. No me-too copycats.

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Curating the collection

When choosing images, we all have a single mission in mind: to change the way people see this beautiful world, positively and permanently, through high-quality art prints.

So, how do we make sense of such a vast resource of photographs? We smile nicely at various experts until they agree to curate their own unique edit of other artists’ work. What that means for you is, you’ll always find something original, viewed with a fresh eye.

Every other month, we’ll ask a new and interesting guest curator to handpick their own favourite images. We’ve already lined up an exciting roster of interior designers, photographers, style leaders and taste-makers to bring their own perspective to the Kolla image treasure chest. But more of that in the coming weeks.

All we know now is that bringing each curator’s outlook to our bank of images is going to throw up surprising and dynamic choices - join us for the ride and let’s see what happens.

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