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Posted on 05/03/2018

With a beautiful world beyond our windows, why do we settle for second-rate art on our walls?

Searching for inspiring images to decorate our homes is a dispiriting business - you find yourself wading through swathes of quote posters and dodging hundreds of mass-produced prints that everyone else has.

So we decided to do something about it.

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How the idea was born

As photographers, we love photographic art. We’re based in Sweden but we travel the world with our cameras, capturing delicious images of the people and places that make our world so vibrant, awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

But when we started looking for commercial prints for our own homes, we drew a blank. All we wanted was high-quality photographic prints at an affordable level - but they just weren’t out there.

That set our little brains whirring. We came up with a plan: let’s bring the world to people’s homes through images of exceptional quality, from the unique perspectives of brilliant professional photographers. Let’s change the way people see this beautiful planet.

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Asking our friends

Our founding question was this: could we create a collection of endlessly fresh art photographs at a reasonable price, backed up by a great service?

We stopped talking and started starting. We roped in our rich network of photography friends, a solid community built up through years in the industry. We found the best people we knew, they submitted their work to us and our team of design and photography professionals curated it all.

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See the world differently

Common threads bind our community of photographers and designers: a deep love of creative individuality, a tendency to look at the world from a different perspective and a talent for capturing this wonder through images of exceptional quality.

Through Kolla, we want to connect art lovers to the best professional photographers and bring the world into your home. 

Our ethos is this: Buying art should be one of life’s pleasures. It should be simple, perspective-changing and affordable. And we’ve created this collection to make it just that. 

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